Searching For Items

Click on the GO button located to the right of the search box to browse the entire contents of Digital Collections.

For an exact, targeted search type into the search box the exact terms or phrases you want to search for, enclosing each term/phrase set in double quotation marks " ".
fragmenta graeca
IE TCD MS 1209

Use the plus sign +, the minus sign -, and or (in lowercase) between term sets for AND, NOT, and OR searches.
 +"waltz"+"robinson" [results MUST HAVE waltz AND Robinson]
 +"catalogue"+"trade"-"painting" [results MUST HAVE catalogue AND trade but NOT painting]
 "card games" or "trade catalogs" [results must contain EITHER the phrase card games OR the phrase trade catalogs]

Refining Your Search
Searches may be further refined, if necessary, using the Limit your search options on the left side of the search results screen.