Travel notes from the Quin family Público Deposited

Travel notes from the Quin family

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  • Travel diary of the Quin family
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  • IE TCD MS 2261/2
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  • Copyright The Board of Trinity College Dublin. Images are available for single-use academic application only. Publication, transmission or display is prohibited without formal written approval of the Library of Trinity College, Dublin.
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  • circa 1800
  • IE TCD MS 2261/2, a paperback notebook bearing a manuscript note on front cover that reads ‘Notes on Italian Literature and Travelling Diary by Quin’. From the 19th century; comprising 32 folios in English and French. The notebook has been divided into headed sections by Quin [perhaps Henry George Quin?]. It deals with such topics as Italian literature, the history of Venice, and some travel notes from Vienna, Constantinople, Egypt, and Greece. Folios 1-7--‘Sketch of Italian Literature by Quin’ mentioning such names as Dante (Alighieri; 1265- 1321), Petrarch (Francesco; 1304- 1374), Giovanni Boccaccio (1313- 1375), the Medici family, Ariosto (Ludovico; 1474- 1533), Machiavelli (Niccolo di Bernardo dei; 1469- 1527). Folios 8-13--‘Notes of some events during the rebuild of Venice’ covering the dates 421 to 1797.Folios 14-26--‘Travelling notes from Vienna to Constantinople’. The journey took 19 days and he covers such topics as local dress, food, music, religious celebrations, political relations between countries and the bloody disputes between the Sultans of Turkey and Greece. Folios 27-29--Travel notes through Egypt stopping at Cairo, Minya, Deuderah and Thebes. Folios 30-32--Travel notes through Greece visiting Corinth, Argos and Athens.
Título de la colección
  • Quin Collection
  • Presented to the Library of Trinity College Dublin in June 1946. Manuscript note on front cover reads ‘Notes on Italian Literature and Travelling Diary by Quin. Given me in 1890 by his descendant Richard Quin’. ‘by Quin’ = Henry George Quin? ‘Given me’ recipient = J.R. Garstin; based on MS provenance note in the same hand in IE TCD MS 2261/1.
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  • ink
  • wove paper
  • Irish
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  • MS2261-2_01
  • 0026667