Waldensian prose tracts. IE TCD MS 260 Public Deposited

Waldensian prose tracts. IE TCD MS 260

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  • IE TCD MS 260 ; former shelf marks: Lyon: C.5.22 ; Bernard: 542 ; Foley: [H.74] ; c1670: B.1.10
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  • Copyright The Board of Trinity College Dublin. Images are available for single-use academic application only. Publication, transmission or display is prohibited without formal written approval of the Library of Trinity College, Dublin.
Publisher location
  • France?
Date Created
  • approximately 1524
Physical extent
  • x, 389 folios
  • IE TCD MS 260, Waldensian prose tracts, from around 1524. This codex contains almost exclusively works in the Vaudois dialect: see J.H. Todd, 'The Books of the Vaudois: The Waldensian Manuscripts Preserved in the Library of Trinity College Dublin', (London and Cambridge, 1865), 22-42 and M. Esposito in 'Revue d’histoire ecclésiastique' 46 (1951) 149-154, 157; Anne-Claire Jolliot-Brenon in 'Positions des thèses, École des Chartes', (Paris, 1970), 101-102; E. Balmas and Mario dal Curso, 'I manoscritti valdesi di Ginevra', (Turin, 1977), 11 n.16, 25 n.53, 32, 60. But the codex also includes the following in Latin: Folios 1-6v: (1) Calendar (not full), holy days entered in red or black, sometimes in faulty Latin. Among the entries in red: 'Rexuressio' (!) 'domini' (29 March; on 2), 'Aparetio' (!) 'sancti Michaelis archangeli' (8 May; on 3), Dominic (4v), Francis (5v). Among the entries in black: Constantius (on 1), Erculian (2), Clare (4v) -- Folio 7: (2) Easter table dated 1524 (cf. Easter table in TCD MS 267), with dominical letters and with these headings for entries ‘Claues’, ‘Luna’, ‘Concorentes’, and with this notice (at the foot of the table) in Vaudois dialect: Daquesta taula pascal las lectras meras seruo ha Abril. Mas las rosas a Marcz 1524 per lectra dominical b, d’luna 8. In keeping with the statement, the days of April are in black ink and those of March are in red ink. A hand in red points to dominical letter b toward the top of the table. Note: the first leaf of the calendar (January) in IE TCD MS 267 had been bound with IE TCD MS 260 before being transferred to MS 267 on 18 March 1897. J.H. Todd, 'The Books of the Vaudois: The Waldensian Manuscripts Preserved in the Library of Trinity College Dublin', (London and Cambridge, 1865), 22, mentions the leaf as part of IE TCD MS 260 though he recognizes that the leaf did not properly belong with 260.
  • For IE TCD MS 260 see: James Henthorn Todd, Books of the Vaudois: The Waldensian Manuscripts Preserved in the Library of Trinity College Dublin, (London and Cambridge 1865) -- J-P Perrin, Histoire des Vaudois (Geneva 1618) -- TA Ricchini, Moneta, Adversus Catharos et Valdenses (Rome: [TA Ricchini], 1743; Ridgewood NJ, 1964) -- M Esposito, ‘On some waldensian Mss preserved in the Library of Trinity College Dublin’ Journal of theological studies 18 (1917) pp 177-184. -- M Esposito, ‘Sur quelques manuscrits de l’ancienne littérature religieuse des Vaudois de Piémont’ Revue d’histoire ecclésiastique 46 (1951). -- Anne Brenon, 'Syncrétisme hérétique dans les refuges alpins? Un livre cathare parmi les receuils vaudois de la fin du Moyen Âge: le manuscrit 269 de Dublin', Heresis 7 (1980 or 1986) pp 5-23. -- A Brenon, ‘The Waldensian books’, in P Biller, A Hudson etc, Heresy and literacy 1000-1590 (Cambridge 1994) -- A Degan Checchini, ‘Note sulla genesi del ms C. 4. 17 di Dublino’ Nuove rocerche di letteratura occitanica no 2 (1983 or after) -- Ilarino da Milano, Eresie medioevali (Rimini: [Ilarino da Milano], 1983) -- Valdo Vinay ‘Mémoires de Georges Morel: l’importanza del codice valdese C. 5. 18 (MS 259) del Trinity College de Dublino per la storia dell’adesione dei Valdesi alla Riforma’ Bolletino della Società di studi valdesi (Dicembre 1972), n 132; ‘Barba Morel e Bucero sulla justificazione per fede’, Bolletino 1973 no 133, pp 29-36; La dichiarazione del Sinodo di Chanforan 1532. Related manuscripts at: IE TCD MS 336 fol 79-94 theological tracts -- IE TCD MS 259 Waldensian manuscript -- IE TCD MS 261 Waldensian poems and tracts -- IE TCD MS 262 Waldensian tracts -- IE TCD MS 263 Waldensian prose tracts -- IE TCD MS 264 Waldensian prose tracts -- IE TCD MS 265 Waldensian examination of diocese of Ambrun -- IE TCD MS 266 Waldensian processus contra Waldenses -- IE TCD MS 267 Waldensian -- Cambr. Univ. MSS 112 and 113.
Finding aid
  • IE TCD MS 260 was, in around 1603, in Vaudois in the hands of Dominique Vigneaux d’’Angrogne, a pastor in the Piedmontese Val de Pragela; later the Synode des Vallées sent this manuscript, with others, to Jean-Paul Perrin for use in his 'Histoire des Vaudois', which was published in Geneva, 1619; by 1635, James Ussher had purchased these manuscripts from a French jurisconsult of unknown name: see M. Esposito in 'Revue d’histoire ecclésiastique' 46 (1951), 129-130.
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  • colored ink
  • ink
  • leather
  • French
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