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The Kiltartan history book

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  • issued 1906
  • The Kiltartan history book by Lady Gregory; illustrated by Robert Gregory.Maunsel & Co., Dublin 1909.“I have given this book its name because it is at my own door, in the Barony of Kiltartan, I have heard a great number of the stories from beggars, pipers, travelling men, and such pleasant company. But others I have heard in the Workhouse, or to the north of Galway Nay, in Connemara, or on its southern coast in Burren. I might, perhaps, better have called the little book Myths in the Making.” - Lady Gregory, page 49. Contents:O’Connell – Frontispiece (plate 1)The Ancient Times – page 1. Goban, the Builder – page 1. A Witty Wife – page 2.An Advice She gave – page 3.Shortening the Road – page 5.The Goban’s Secret – page 5.The Scotch Rogue – page 6.The Danes – page 8.The Battle of Clontarf – page 8.The English – page 9.The Queen of Breffny – page 9.King Henry VIII – Page 9.Elizabeth – Page 10.Her Death – page 10.The Trace of Cromwell – page 11. Cromwell’s Law – Page 13.Cromwell in Connacht – page 14.A worse than Cronwell – page 15. A Battle of Aughrim – page 16William III Derry Aughrim Enniskillen and the Boyne (plate 2)Another Story – page 18.Patrick Sarsfield – page 18.Queen Anne – page 18Carol’s Song – page 18.‘Ninety-Eight – page 20.Denis Browne – page 21.The Union – page 22.Robert Emmet – page 22.O’Connell’s Birth – page23.The Tinker – page 24.A Present – page 25.His Strategy – page 25. The Man was Going to be Hanged – page 26.The Cup of Sassanach – page 27.The Thousand Fishers – page 28.What the Old Woman Saw – page 28.O’Connell’s Hat – page 29.The Change He Made – Page 29.The Man He Brought to Justice – Page 30.The Binging – Page 30.His Monument – Page 30.A Praise Made for Daniel O’Connell by the Old Woman and They Begging at the Door – page 31.Richard Shiel – page 32. The Tithe War – page 32.Louis Napoleon – (plate 3) The Fight at Carrickshock – page 33. The Big Wind – page 34.The Famine – page 34.The Cholera – page 35.A Long Remembering – page 35.The Terry Alts – page 36.The ’48 Time – page 36. A thing Mitchell Said – page 37.The Fenian Rising – page 38.A Great Wonder – page 38.Another Wonder – page 39.Father Mathew – page 39.The War of the Crimea – page 39.W. E. Gladstone – (plate 4)Garibaldi – page 41.The Buonapartes – page 42.The Zulu War – page 43.The Young Napoleon – page 43. Parnell – page 45.Mr. Gladstone – Page 45.Queen Victoria’s Religion –page 46.Her Wisdom – page 46.War and Misery – page 47.The Present King – page 47.The Old Age Pension – page 47.Another Thought – page 48.A Prophecy – Page 48.Notes – page 49.
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