Gospels with catena. IE TCD MS 31

Gospels with catena. IE TCD MS 31

Shelf Mark/Reference Number
  • IE TCD MS 31 ; former shelfmarks: A. 1. 8
Rights statement
  • Copyright The Board of Trinity College Dublin. Images are available for single-use academic application only. Publication, transmission or display is prohibited without formal written approval of the Library of Trinity College, Dublin.
Publisher location
  • Place of creation unidentified
Date Created
  • approximately 1100
Physical extent
  • 320mm x 250mm
  • v folios, 474 pages
  • IE TCD MS 31: Gospels with catena. Gospel of St Matthew (pp. 1-135v); Gospel of St Mark (pp. 136-212); Gospel of St Luke (pp. 214-357); Gospel of John: John 21:25 is missing (pp. 358-470). Each Gospel has a preface and an anonymous catena commentary classified by van Soden as type Ac, cf. H.F. von Soden, Die Schriften des Neuen Testaments in ihrere ältesten erreichbaren Textgestalt, 4 vols (Berlin, 1902-193), pp. 582-585, cf. CPG C 110. 2 (Catena prima aucta), where the variants signalled in the appendix for MS Budapest Univ. V. gr. 1 (= van Soden A11), ed. S. Markfi, Codex graecus quatuor Evangeliorum e Bibliotheca Universitatis Pestinensis com interpretatione hungarica (Budapest, 1860) [not consulted], appear similar to this manuscript; see also J. Reuss, Matthäus-, Markus- und Lukas-Katenen nach den Handschriftlichen Quellen untersucht (Neutestamentliche Abhandlungen, XVIII, 4-5), Münster i. W., 1941, pp. 29-31. Description by Dr. Barbara Crostini. For further information see Dr. Crostini’s full description attached below in PDF form, or in the Manuscripts and Archives Research Library catalogue:
  • T.K. Abbott, ‘A fragment of an uncial lectionary’, Hermathena X (1884), pp. 151-153.T.K. Abbot, Catalogue of the manuscripts in the Library of Trinity College, Dublin (Dublin and London, 1900), p. 4. H.F. von Soden, Die Schriften des Neuen Testaments in ihrere ältesten erreichbaren Textgestalt, 4 vols (Berlin, 1902-1913), at pp. 51 (as ‘A. 1. 8’), 251 (as ‘A118 (63)’], 584.J.K. Elliott, A bibliography of New Testament manuscripts, 2nd edn (Cambridge, 2000), p. 103. Gregory-Aland, 63 [online: consulted 13 July 2010].
Finding aid
  • ‘It belonged to Ussher and was called Ardmachanus [Armagh’s] 1 or Usserianus 1 [?in Mill’s apparatus criticus]; Dodwell collated it for Fell, Bulkeley for Mill, Dobbin collated Matthew 1855; John Twycrosse collated it 1858’: thus the information contained in TCD handlist on this manuscript.Caspar René Gregory saw the manuscript on 25 May 1883. On 18 March 1884 he wrote a letter concerning it to T.K. Abbott, which is pasted to the third front flyleaf and numbered as ‘ii’.
Resource type
  • ink
  • leather
  • Greek
Digital Object Id
  • MS31_001
  • 0033425


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