Book of paintings made in Portugal and Spain Poiblí Deposited

Book of paintings made in Portugal and Spain

Cód seilf/Uimhir thagartha
  • IE TCD MS 6208
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Dáta a cruthaíodh
  • created 1813
  • IE TCD MS 6208 is one of 5 sketchbooks kept by John Synge during his early 19th-century European travels. Where the works are finished they are sepia wash depictions of buildings in landscapes, sometimes with figures, usually dated. The titles are those given by the author. The journal kept by the author during his journey is MS 6205. The other 4 sketchbooks can be found at IE TCD MS 6207, 6209-6211.John Synge (1788-1845) was grandfather of the playwright John Millington Synge; he was known as 'Pestalozzi John' due to his enthusiasm for the teachings of Johann Heinrich Pestalozzi (1746-1827, Swiss educator). Synge is an important figure in the history of the Plymouth Brethen in Ireland; he owned land in Glanmore in Co. Wicklow. He married Isabella daughter of Hugh Hamilton, founder member of the Royal Irish Academy.This item is part of the collection of material brought together by Edward Stephens (1888-1955) for his projected biography of his uncle John Millington Synge.Contents:--Fol. 1: Uncoloured pencil sketch. Convent of St ?Estevoi.--Fol. 2: Uncoloured pencil sketch. Orense, Galicia. --Fol. 3: Uncoloured pencil sketch. Monterey (this may include a picture of the author, as the sketching figure in the foreground). --Fol. 4: Uncoloured pencil sketch. Montalegre.--Fol. 5: uncoloured pencil sketch. Barcellos.--Fol. 6: Douro above Oporto.--Fol. 7: Uncoloured pencil sketch. Amaranthe.--Fol. 8: Uncoloured pencil sketch. Lamego nr the Douro Beira.--Fol. 9: Uncoloured pencil sketch. Convent of St ?Christovae.--Fol. 10: Caritoras of Estrelia Mountain/probably the Estrella mountains.--Fol. 11: Uncoloured pencil sketch. Manteijas.--Fol. 12: Covilhaò Beira Portugal.--Fol. 13: Uncoloured pencil sketch. Belmonte.--Fol. 14: Castel Rodrigo--Fol. 15: Uncoloured pencil sketch. Alba de Tormes--Fol. 16: Uncoloured pencil sketch. Benevento/perhaps Benevente. Leon Spain.--Fol. 17: Uncoloured pencil sketch. Ponferada/ Ponferrada. Leon Spain.--Fol. 18: Uncoloured pencil sketch. Val de Cobios.--Fol. 19: Uncoloured pencil sketch. Pass in the Mountains of Austria.--Fol. 20: Uncoloured pencil sketch. Unidentified mountain scene--Fol. 21: uncoloured pencil sketch. Infiesta.See the Manuscripts & Archives Research Library’s catalogue entry here:
Teideal bailiúcháin
  • Stephens-Synge Collection
  • Part of the collection of material brought together by Edward Stephens (1888-1955) for his projected biography of his uncle. John Millington Synge
Cineál acmhainne
  • ink
  • paper (fiber product)
  • Irish
Aitheantóir Oibiachta Digití
  • MS6208_01
  • 0076368


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