William of Malmesbury, Gesta pontificum Anglorum etc. IE TCD MS 602 Public Deposited

William of Malmesbury, Gesta pontificum Anglorum etc. IE TCD MS 602

Alternative title
  • IE TCD MS 602
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  • IE TCD MS 602 ; former shelfmarks: Lyon: E.4.26 ; Bernard: 477 ; Foley: H.59 ; c1670: K.1.27 ; Ussher: EEE.10
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  • Copyright The Board of Trinity College Dublin. Images are available for single-use academic application only. Publication, transmission or display is prohibited without formal written approval of the Library of Trinity College, Dublin.
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Date Created
  • between approximately 1200-1230
  • IE TCD MS 602, William of Malmesbury, Gesta pontificum Anglorum etc., is a composite manuscript consisting of two parts that were produced separately in England, with both parts written in the early 13th century. The first part (folios 1-63) contains the Gesta pontificum Anglorum of William of Malmesbury. The second part (64-149) contains a collection of classical works and medieval exempla. The volume was possibly compiled by the 15th century, as indicated by the presence of medieval foliation in both parts in the hand of Clement of Canterbury (fl. 1463-1495), librarian of St Augustine's Abbey. Part I is listed as item BA1.919, Cronica de W Malmesbur' de gestis pontific[i]um Anglie in quaterno cum B. Secundo folio. it regis. D 9 Ga 3o, on the 15th-century library catalogue of St Augustine's Abbey (TCD MS 360; B.C. Barker-Benfield, 'Corpus of British Medieval Library Catalogues: St Augustine's Abbey, Canterbury' (London, 2008) 3 vols, vol 2, no. 919; wrongly listed as item 918 in M.R. James (ed.), 'The Ancient Libraries of Canterbury and Dover' (Cambridge, 1903), 518). Foliation note at end: “Foliated 30 July 1969, ff1-149”. See the Manuscripts & Archives Research Library’s catalogue entry for the MS here:
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  • Flyleaf inscriptions (1) in several late 13th- and 14th-century hands: ‘Willelmus de gestis pontificum. anglie / in Cum. B. retro / Liber Sancti Augustini Cant’. Di.ix ga. iii.’; note ‘de Malmesberi.’ inserted above top line in later hand; title repeated below ‘Willelmus de Malmesbery de gestis pontificum Anglie’ in a 15th-century hand. MS recorded in library catalogue of St Augustine’s Abbey (TCD MS 360) as item number BA1.919. This volume may have been owned by John Selden, as the volume corresponds to the poet William Browne’s (c. 1590-c. 1645) account of witnessing a copy of the Gesta pontificum Anglorum from St Augustine’s Abbey ‘in the hands of’ John Selden and recording the reading ‘iuxta Taui Fluuium’ at Book II, Chapter 95 (William Browne, ‘Britannia’s Pastorals’, Bk I (London, 1613) STC 3914) that accords with MS 602, folio 42 line 17 (another recorded St Augustine copy of Gesta pontificum Anglorum, item BA1.918 is now lost). Manuscript features shelfmark of the book collection of The Most Reverend James Ussher, Archbishop of Armagh and Primate of All Ireland (r. 1625-1656), ‘EEE 10.’ (1, flyleaf). The Ussher library was gifted by King Charles II to Trinity College Dublin in 1661.
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