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An Irish Union!

  • British Museum No. 9344“Dundas (I.) reads from a folio History of Scotland, while Pitt (r.) joins the reluctant hands of Paddy (1.) and John Bull (r.). Dundas, wears a Scots cap, plaid, and tartan stockings, with a flask protruding from his coat pocket, stands in profile to the r., saying, 77/ read ye a little aboot the same Business in my ain country — you will find how many made the siller frae that time to this — depend upon it Paddy ye will be much happier — and mair independent than ever. Paddy, an Irish farmer, looks round at him with a suspicious scowl, saying. Now is it Blareying you are at? Pitt says with a primly complacent expression : Depend upon it — what that Gentleman says is right — thus I join your hands in Friendship. & one Interest — and whom I put together — let no man put asunder. John Bull stares to the r., saying, This may be Nation good Fun. — but dang my buttons, if I know what it is about! & Cousin Paddy don’t seem quite clear in the Case neither. On the extreme 1. stands a man with blankets over his arm inscribed Tax on Income. He says : When you want the Wet Blankets — I have them ready. He is perhaps Joseph Smith, (Treasury) private secretary to Pitt. Below the title: "If there be no great love in the beginning. — "Yet heaven may decrease it upon better acquaintance, vide Shakespeare.” (Source: George)
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  • No 50 Piccadilly, London
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  • Robinson Collection of Caricatures
  • ink
  • paper (fiber product)
  • Irish
  • Presented to the Library of Trinity College Dublin in 1996 by Nicholas K. Robinson.
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