Shanachie: an illustrated Irish miscellany. Volume 1 Public Deposited

Shanachie: an illustrated Irish miscellany. Volume 1

Alternative title
  • Illustrated Irish miscellany
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  • Yeats PER 24
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  • Copyright The Board of Trinity College Dublin. Images are available for single-use academic application only. Publication, transmission or display is prohibited without formal written approval of the Library of Trinity College, Dublin.
Publisher location
  • Dublin, Ireland
Date Created
  • 1906
Physical extent
  • iv unnumbered pages, 130 pages, 9 leaves of plates, plus 1 inserted advertisement flyer
  • Yeats PER 24 is 'Shanachie: an illustrated Irish miscellany', 1906, cased in beige canvas with brown design by Beatrice Elvery, and lettering on upper cover. Contents: Plate 1 (frontispiece): Patraic at Slaine, by Seaghan MacCathmhoil. Page 1: The Miraculous Revenge, a story by Bernard Shaw. Page 22: Eve and Lilith, by Seumas O’Sullivan. Plate 2: The Flower of Love, by Elinor Monsell; facing page 22. Page 24: The Lament of the Gods for Sardathrion, by Lord Dunsany. Page 26: Fundamental Sociology, a story, by George A. Birmingham. Page 36: Against Witchcraft, by W.B. Yeats. Page 37: The Praise of Deirdre by W.B. Yeats. Page 39: Slemish and St. Patrick, By Stephen Gwynn. Plate 3: Slemish Mountain, by Hugh Thomson; facing page 39. Page 51: The Builder, by Padraic Colum. Page 52: Aesop. An t-Athair Peadar Ua Laoghaire do sgríobh. Page 55: The Travelling Man: A Miracle Play, by Lady Gregory. Plate 4: The Travelling Man, by Jack B. Yeats; facing page 55. Page 64: The First Winter Song, by A.P. Graves. Page 65: The First Summer Song, by A.P. Graves. Plate 5: Finn and Cun Deireoil, by George Morrow; facing page 66. Page 67: Pósaidh béil-Áth-hÁmnuis. Fionán Mac Cárthaigh do sgríobh. Page 70: Five Knots of String, by Grace Rhys. Page 75: The Earth, by A.E. Plate 6: Portrait of Stephen Gwynn, from a pencil-sketch by J. B. Yeats; facing page 75. Page 77: The Child of our Hope, a story, by George A. Birmingham. Page 83: The Sorrows of Song, by Jane Barlow. Plate 7: The Four Courts, by Hugh Thomas; facing page 84. Page 85: The Will of the Widow O’Toole, a story, by Rosmaund Langbridge. Page 93: The Vagrants of Wicklow, by J.M. Synge. Plate 8: The Tinker, by Jack B. Yeats; facing page 98. Page 99: The Whirlpool, by Lord Dunsany. Page 101: Sonnet, by Page L. Dickenson. Page 102: Art and Literature, by A.E. Page 116: The Lost Genius, a story, by Michael Orkney. Page 124: Crete, by Tudor R. Castle. Plate 9: A Sketch by R. Caufield Orpen; facing page 124. Page 125: Your Question, by George Roberts. Page 125: A Lark Singing, by George Roberts. Page 126: An buinneán bog. Torna. Page 127: Richard Talbot, by Oliver Gay.
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  • E.C. Yeats Collection
  • From the E.C. Yeats Collection. Bequeathed to Trinity Hall in 1940 and transferred for safekeeping to the Library of Trinity College Dublin in 1968.
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  • ink
  • paper (fiber product)
  • Irish
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  • YEATS-PER-24_001
  • 0085637


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