Photograph album of Captain Stanley Cyril Beresford Mundey, 1914-16

Photograph album of Captain Stanley Cyril Beresford Mundey, 1914-16

Alternative title
  • Captain Mundey's photograph album, 1914-16
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  • IE TCD MS 3421
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  • Copyright The Board of Trinity College Dublin. Images are available for single-use academic application only. Publication, transmission or display is prohibited without formal written approval of the Library of Trinity College, Dublin.
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Date Created
  • start 1914
  • end 1916
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  • 24 folios
  • IE TCD MS 3420 is a World War I era photograph album of Captain Stanley Cyril Beresford Mundey, spanning the years 1914-16. It contains a number of images of hunting, leisure activities, military life and operations, nature, indigenous peoples etc. captured in Basra, Euphrates, Sudan, Amara Kurma (Iraq), Kut-el Amarah, Ahmednagar, Tigris, Farnham, Sambliu, Ctesiphon, and Mesopotamia. Beresford-Mundey served in the Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire Light Infantry (43rd) during the Great War.Contents: Folio 1r - four images, two of which are captioned - Pilot Comm going on board at mouth of Shatt el Arab; Sheik of Mohammerah’s Palace afterwards British hospital, Basra Nov 1915. Folio 1v - four images, only one of which is captioned. Caption is partially hidden - camels May 1st - Dec 5th. Folio 2r: Road making Dec; Picquet Magil; untitled image; Camp and officers mess. Newspaper clipping pasted between pages, headline reads: ‘Possible gold exports by France are foreseen’. Folio 2v: Shooting Party Xmas Day 1914; Shooting Party Euphrates Xmas Day; caption partially hidden; Shooting up the Euphrates Xmas Day 1914. Folio 3r: Papyrus on the Euphrates Xmas Day; caption partially hidden - Camp Tigris Dec 29th; untitled image; Horan? chastising his bearer Dec ‘14. Folio 3v: four images. no captions. Folio 4r: Mazerah Jan 11th 1915; Trenches Mazerah Jan 1915; two untitled images. Folio 4v: In the motor boat going shooting Mazerah Feb 15; Boat practice Mazerah Feb 15; Arab coolies road making, Mazerah Feb 1915; 4” gun Mazera, February 1915. Folio 5r: Powell Kearsley in the motor boat and John Courtis, Mazerah Feb 15; 7” gun Mazerah. Two images without captions. Folio 5v: Tree falling in Norfolk Creek, Kurna March 15; Henley catching (?) Kurnah, March 1915; View of Kurnah from the camp; Abraham our interpreter, Kurna March 1915. Folio 6r: Arab children selling eggs Kurna March 1915; Blunderbus Bill Kurnah April 15; Capt. Morland in his mashoot Kurna April (caption partially hidden); Marsh on Euphrates April 1915. Folio 6v: 5” guns in action Kurna April 1915; The Spring board Norfolk Creek Kurnah April 1915; Officers hut Kurnah April 1915. Folio 7r: Armored machine guns, bellums Kurnah, May 1915; John Courtis and Capt. Higgs testing MS Kurna April 1915; Folio 7v: Capt. R.R.M. Brooke with R. Coy boats Norfolk Creek Kurnah May 25th 19?; R. Comp Boat practice parade May 27 CBM with ?; Regiment parading for boat drill May 25 1915 Capt. Forrest (caption partially hidden); (caption partially hidden) to attach on Norfolk Hill, May 31st. Folio 8r: machine gun bellums, Kurna May 28th 1915; Bellams armored preparatory to attack on Norfolk Tower’s gun hills (indecipherable); Turkish gun on gun hill, May 3rd 1915; Dummy gun, gun hill, May 31st 1915. Folio 8v: Enemy trenches on Norfolk Hill taken by 43rd at ? May 31st. Capt. Brooks; Captured gun Hun Hill May 31st; Turk and Arab prisoners on Gun Hill May 31st 1915; Turkish Prisoners Gun Hill May 31st. Kurna Amara (?). Folio 9r: Prisoners on Tower Hill May 31st 1915; (?) lies in Norfolk Creek Kurna. Men digging for lost axe head; Agoofah (?) Amara June 1915; Embarking on the ‘Blosse Lynch”at Bakran, (?) of June 1st 1915; Folio 9v: Mounted battery on bellums June 1st 1915; On Bakran June 1st just after G. Coy landed; Arab Sheiks on board HMS Espiegle; HMS Espiegle off Bakran June 1st. Folio 10r: Gun emplacements on Bakran June 1st 1915; Hyde, Morland, Stephens and Powell on Bakran June 1st 1915; John and Colonel Wonnegan on Bakran June 1st 1915. Folio 10v: Turkish tenches in Bakran; R.V. Simpson June 6th; caption partially hidden - Going up river from Ezras Tomb June 6th; Arabian Kurna Bazaar. Folio 11r: Gymkana Amara race course August 1915?; Start of the Arab race Amara gymkana & Sheik Faleh Gabbaus? half brother Aug 1915; Picking up for rounders Amara July 1915; caption partially hidden - Embarking from the Chapela land to play rounders Amarah. Folio 11v: Webber rounders Amara Aug 15; Tip and run Amara July; SS Eklabana? and amollier? sunk in channel of Shatt el Arab by (not visible); Tip and run Amara Aug 1915. Folio 12r: Oxford St. Amarah July 14. 12 noon 120° in shade; Persians Amara Aug 15th; On the Chapela Canal Amara July; Coolie Women loading bouesa? Chapela Canal Amara July 19? (caption partially hidden). Folio 12v: Marsh Arabs camp near Amara July 15; Marsh Arabs; caption hidden; Marsh Arabs. Folio 13r: no caption; Machine gun mules Amarah; John Courtis and Keeling with ? Machine guns Amara 191? (caption partially hidden); From our billet looking down the Chapela Canal.Folio 13v: Arab children at Kurna; Capt. Birch Reynardson abode at Amara; Shooting party Ali ‘al Gherbi’ Sept 1915; In Kurnah Bazaar. Folio 14r: K’alat Saleh June 7th 1915; My quarters Kurna March; two images without captions. Folio 14v: H.M.S Comet Tigris; Lajj; two images without captions. Folio 15r: Gen Mellis & C on joy ride; Capt. Yates-Brown, Lt. Fulton, Capt. Peter?; two images without captions. Folio 15v: thee images without captions; Guffar corricles. Folio 16r: Major Gordan and R.N.A.S.; three images without captions. Folio 16v: Kearsely, Webber, Stanton?, Davenport, Birch Reynardson; three images without captions. Folio 17r: image not visible - caption reads - Capt. Mundey. Capt. White and Long-horn Morris Farnham; Ditto Ditto Sambhu?; Gen. Melliss V.C.; image has no caption. Folio 17r: Kut-el-Amarah - four images without captions. Folio 18r: Advance to Ctesiphon Nov 1915. Three images without captions. One captioned: Lt. Johnston. Folio 18v: Seige of Kut - Maj. Gilchrist HQ Staff, names written in beneath image - Col. Evans, Gen. Townshend, Col. Maule, Col. Hare, Col. Chitty?, Col. Wilson R.E.; Native prison Kut; Kut; Horse lines. Folio 19r: Kut; Bomb gun made from aero-engine cylinder; Capt. Cyril Mundey R.A.F. billet; Capt. Wingfield-Smith at our R.A.F. billet. Folio 19v: Kut - Gen. Hamilton Lt. Forbes Wingfield-Smith; Gen. Townshend Col. Evans Col. Maule; Old flour mill; Making hand grenades R.F.C. Folio 20r: Kut - R.F.C. on Kut; Sikh Guard; Machine guns arranged for aeroplanes; Yeates-Browne’s ponies. Folio 20v: Kut - untitled image; Shell in a wall of hospital; two more untitled images. Images very faded. Folio 21r: Kut - A street banker; Indian Cavalrymen; Chapel; Turk prisoners. Folio 21v: Kut - Old flour mill; untitled image; Turk prisoners; S&T Corps Maj. Sayer, Capt. Price, Capt. Hilderbrand, Capt. Ball. Folio 22r: Lt. Forbes 7th Hariana lancers I.A.; Gen. Townshend & friend on H.Q. roof Kut; Tod & ?; Gen. Townshend. Folio 22v: Capt. Peel G.S.O. 2; Col. Jim Davey Poona House; Capts. Barber & Fretz; Rev. Spooner M.C.Folio 23r: Sikh of 48th Pioneers; Mosque at Kut; Sheikh of Kut hanged on capitulation by Turks; Folio 23v: Captain Cyril Beresford Mundey Mesopotamia 1915; images faded. Folio 24r: On board H.M.S. ‘Triad’ on release; Gen. Townshend, self, Morland. Untitled images, fading. Folio 24v: untitled images of people with dogs. For other Beresford-Mundey photographs see also: IE TCD MS 3420.
Collection title
  • Papers of Captain Stanley Cyril Beresford Mundey
Series title
  • Beresford Mundey: Diaries & Notebooks
  • Presented to the Library of Trinity College Dublin by Captain Stanley Cyril Beresford Mundey, 23 July 1954.
  • book cloth (textile material)
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  • MS3421_01
  • DCAT0120555


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