Martyrology of Trinity Cathedral in Dublin. Folios 51-58v: Calendar Public Deposited

Martyrology of Trinity Cathedral in Dublin. Folios 51-58v: Calendar

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  • IE TCD MS 576 ; former shelf marks: Lyon: E.4.3 ; Bernard: 590 ; c1670: P.1.15 ; Ussher: H.4.2.7
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  • Copyright The Board of Trinity College Dublin. Images are available for single-use academic application only. Publication, transmission or display is prohibited without formal written approval of the Library of Trinity College, Dublin.
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  • circa 1200-1499
  • Martyrology of Trinity Cathedral in Dublin. Folios 51-58v: Calendar (on 52-57v) with grading, holy days entered in red or black, and calendar tables, viz. table for finding Easter (51v), table for finding Septuagesima Sunday (on 58), table for finding Easter by means of dominical letters and golden numbers. On 55 is noticed the feast of the Division of the Apostles. Calendar verses, a verse to a page: Prima dies mensis et septima truncat ut ensis - denus ut anguis. -- Folio 51 originally blank.-- 51 has three memoranda, each by a different late 15th-century hand: (a) about the benefactions of John Morwylle to the cathedral; (b) about the admission to confraternity (1498) of Nicholas Schereff, Margaret Lawrans his wife, Patrick Lawrans, and Patrick Chamyrlayn; (c) about the benefactions of John Savage, who died 1499: he and his wife Ionete Phillip’ and Richard ffyche are to be commemorated. 51 also has (d) calendar verses, with a numeral above each word: Rex fit egens - ars kalat iras.-- 51v has verses: Filius esto dei celum - donans ffertilis auctor.-- 52 has (a) Liber sancte Trinitatis Dublin (14th century); similar inscription by same hand on 59. 52 has (b) memorandum on the death of Maurice earl of Desmond, justiciar of Ireland.-- 52v has verses (hardly legible now because of gall stain): 'Post nonas Februarii primam lunam - regulam tu recipere'.-- 55v and 56 have excerpts from Gratian’s Decretum concerning perjury: the excerpt on 56 is assigned in the manuscript to Ysidorus in libro sententiarum (15th-century hand).
  • This manuscript was in the Library of Trinity College Dublin before James Ussher's manuscripts arrived, and is mentioned in TCD MS 2.
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  • ink
  • iron-gall ink
  • colored ink
  • parchment (animal material)
  • Irish
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  • MS576_105
  • 0152217


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