The book of the de Burgos Public Deposited

The book of the de Burgos

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  • IE TCD MS 1440 ; former shelfmarks: Lyon: F.4.13 ; F.4.13a
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  • Copyright The Board of Trinity College Dublin. Images are available for single-use academic application only. Publication, transmission or display is prohibited without formal written approval of the Library of Trinity College, Dublin.
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Date Created
  • circa 1570
  • IE TCD MS 1440, The book of the de Burgos. Written for Sir Seaán Mac William Burke, chosen head of the MacWilliam Burkes in 1571 who died 1580. Almost entirely in Irish; some Latin. 76 folios. Fourteen coloured drawings four of the passion of Christ, (probably influenced by popular German woodcuts) followed by nine Burke portraits (probably inspired by contemporary playing cards). Note: There is a gap in foliation from 31v to 71r. The illustrations are as follows: Fol. 17r: Christ before Pilate.Fol. 17v: Christ scourged. Fol. 18r: Christ crowned with thorns. Fol. 18v: Christ carries a cross. Fol. 19r: Riocard mór mac Uilliam cungcur. Fol. 19v: Uilliam MacRiocaird mhóir/ William I. Fol. 20r: Sor Uilliam William II. Fol. 20v: Emonn Albanach Mac Sir Uilliam /Edmond Albanach. Fol. 21r: Tomás Mac Emoind. Fol. 21v: Eamonn na fésóige mac Sir Uilliam Burc/Edmund the Bearded. Fol. 22r: Riocard mac Emoinn na féasóige. Fol. 22v: Sedhan Mac Riocaird Shean.Fol. 23r: Arms of Clann Uilliam [de Burgo]. Fol. 23v :Blank.Fol. 24r: Seaan MacUilliam Mhic tSeaain/Sheaan son of Oliverus, son of Sheaan son of Richard.Exhibited in National Gallery of Ireland June 1997- as ‘An 'Illuminated manuscript book from Connacht ca. 1578' and as The Book of the Burkes.
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  • colored ink
  • ink
  • leather
  • paper (fiber product)
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  • MS1440_01
  • 0077733


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