Antiphonal. IE TCD MS 79

Antiphonal. IE TCD MS 79

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  • IE TCD MS 79
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  • Copyright The Board of Trinity College Dublin. Images are available for single-use academic application only. Publication, transmission or display is prohibited without formal written approval of the Library of Trinity College, Dublin.
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Publisher location
  • Ireland?
Date Created
  • between approximately 1450-1499
Physical extent
  • 469mm x c318mm (341mm x 218mm)
  • 229 folios
  • [1] IE TCD MS 79, an antiphonal; with music, Irish use of Sarum (cf. 'Antiphonale Sarisburiense', facsimile edn. by W.H. Frere, (London, 1901-1924); 'Analecta Hymnuica Medii Aeui', edd. G.M. Dreves et al., (Leipzig, 1886-1922), repr. (New York and London, 1961), 55 volumes, 11:48-49, 52:6, with use of TCD MS 79). This codex beg. imperf.: Folios 1-81: (1) Temporale (1-79v) and service for dedication of church (80-81). Temporale, beg. imperf. (at first Sunday in Advent, invitatory for matins; edn. p. 8; cf. Sarum breviary, edd. F. Procter and C. Wordsworth, 1, (Cambridge 1882), xvii): chori in capis sericis ad gradum chori simul incipiant inuitatorium. Ecce uenit rex. Occurramus obuiam saluatori nostro. Venite. Verbum supernum prodiens. Loss of two leaves after 11v (text jumps from Montes et omnes colles humilia('buntur et' catchwords) to -urget homo de Israel, ed. Frere p. 32 to p. 34, or Sarum breviary, edn. cit., 1:cix to cxvii); loss of two leaves after 15v (text jumps from Nolite timere quinta enim die ueniet ad nos dominus uester to In uigilia nat domini ad primas uesperas antiphona. Rex pacificus magnificatus, ed. Frere p. 42 to p. 44 or Sarum breviary, edn. cit., 1:clvi to clxiv); loss of several quires after 79v (text jumps from dolosa et sermonibus odii cir ('cumdederunt' catchword) to a circumcisione domini usque ad oct ephie in Rubrica Magna de dedicatione, Sarum breviary, edn. cit.,1:dcclxiii to mcccclxxx). On 34 and 35v a 16th-century hand cross-referenced, in English, passages of the codex. Folio 81: (2) added in 16th century. Nine lessons in honour of St Patrick: Lectio de sancto Patricio. Dies hodierna beati Patricii patris et patroni ac Hibernicorum apostoli transitu solempnis - omnimode sanitatis. Tu autem domine. Amen. Finis. 81v originally blank. Folios 82-87v: (3) Calendar, with grading, holy days entered in red or black. Among the entries in black: 'Sancti Laceriani episcopi et conf. patroni Leghlinen ix lc.' ('duplex festum' added) (83v); 'Keuini' (84v); 'Donati' (85v); 'Canici' (86v); 'Macuti' (87). Among the entries in red: 'Brigide' (82v); 'Patricii' (83); 'Translacio Patricii Columbe Brigide' (84v). Some writing at top of 82 is smeared through. Calendar verses (ed. J. Hennig in 'Traditio' 11 [1955] 84; H. Walther, 'Initia Carminium Ac Versuum Medii Aeui Posteriosis Latinorum' (Carmina Medii Aeui Posterioris Latina 1), (Göttingen, 1959), with supplement (Göttingen, 1969), number 14563), a verse to a page: Prima dies mensis et septima truncat ut ensis - denus ut anguis. Largely cancelled (82): Octaua sancti Thome martiris. Largely erased: Translacio Thome archiepiscopi et martiris (85); (in red) Dominica prima post translationem sancti Thome martiris archiepiscopi celebratur festum reliquiarum (85). Perhaps partly and very lightly cancelled: Sancti Thome Cantuariensis archiepiscopi et martiris (87v). Likewise pape was erased (e.g. 83, 84v). Additions were made to the calendar by 16th-century hands (except on 85v (e)). These later entries notice particularly deaths in the Fitzsimon and Ussher families. The earliest dated entry is of 1483 (85v), and the latest dated entries are of 1559 (84v, 85v). The additions to the calendar: 82. (a) Bartholomeus Blanchvill de Dublin merchatori (!). (b) Obitus Iohannis Nolan 1558. (c) Obitus domini Roberti Vollsse anno domini mo ccccco xlv. (d) Obitus Iohanne Edward uxoris Wyllielmi Sprighan Dublin tanner, qui obbiit xi die Ianuari anno domini mo do liiii. (e) Sancte Dwynna uirginis non mart. ix lc. (f) Obitus Rogeri Begge olim recordatoris Dublin ciuitatis, qui obbiit decimo septimo die anno domini 1532. (g) Obitus Arlandi Ussher quodam (!) ciuis et maioris Dublin conditus, qui obiit xviii die Ianuarii anno domini 1557, cuius anime propicietur deus. Amen. (h) Obitus Walteri Foster quodam (!) ciuis et maioris Dublin conditus, qui obiit xix (die corr. from day) Ianuarii anno domini 1558, cuius anime propicietur deus. Amen. (i) Obitus Iennet Russell anno 1555. 82v. (a) Sancte Varburge uirginis non martiris ix lc. (b) Obitus bone memorie Iohannis FitzSymon olim maior ciuitatis Dublin, qui obiit xo die mensis Februarii anno domini millessimo quingintessimo (!) tricessimo nono et anno rr. H(enrici) viiio xxxiio. (c) Obitus An Browne. (d) Sancte (!) Fintani episcopi et confessoris ix lc. per constitucionem. (e) Obitus Walt Byckett. (f) Sancte (!) Munne episcopi et confessoris ix lc. (g) Sancti Comgalli abbatis ix lc. (h) Sancti Oswaldi episcopi ix lc. 83. (a) Sancti Magri abbatis ix lc. (b) Sancti Kelani episcopi et confe. ix lc. eodem die Pat de Kellhe. (c) Tome de Aquino conf. et doct ix lc. (d) Obitus Anne FitzSymon olim vxoris Rogeri Begge de Boranstown, qui obiit anno domini mo do xxxix. (e) Liberi abbatis ix lc. per con(stituciones). (f) Sancti Finani episcopi et conf. ix lc. 84. (a) Sancti Iohannis de Bauerlaco iii lc. cum regine cho. (b) Translacio sancti Laurenti episcopi duplex festum. (c) Obitus bone memorie Walteri ffitzSymon olim archiepiscopi Dublinensis, qui obiit anno domini mo do vio. (d) Brandani abbatis (to which another hand added: et rector ecclesie beate Marie virginis de Payneston Dullard). (e) Obitus Margarete Telyng nuper vxoris Walter Foster ciuis ciuitatis ac maioris Dublin anno domini 1547, letera (!) dominicalis b xv die May, cuius anime propicietur deus. Amen. 84v. (a) Obitus Iohanne fysimond (vxoris Bartolomei Blangfede added) xiii die Junii anno domini mo ccccco xlo vio. (b) sancte Columbe. (c) Obitus domini Roberti fitzSymond precentoris ecclesie chathedralis sancti Patricii, qui obiit xiiiio die mensis anno domini milesimo quingentesimo quatragesimo secundo et anno rr. H(enrici) octaui tricessimo quarto. (d) Sancte Sunne virginis non martiris ix lc. (e) Obitus Rose Holiwod nuper vxoris Arlandi Vssher ciuis ciuitatis ac maioris Dublin anno domini 1558. (f) Walteri abbatis. (g) Obitus Bernold. (h) Obitus Steven Casse 1559. 85. (a) Visitacio beate Marie mag duplex. (b) Sancti Mulruani episcopi et confessoris ix lc. (c) Sancti Olaui regis et mar ix lc. 85v. (a) Obitus Ricardi Bernewall gent anno domino (!) 1559. (b) Obitus Iohannis Golsmyth 1550. (c) Sancti Machoti e(piscopi) ix lc. (d) Obitus bone memorie Margarete Aylmer olim vxor (!) (followed by small erasure) Iohani(s by another hand over erasure) fyzthSymon, que obiit quinto die Augustii (!) anno domini mo do xxxvo, cuius anime propicietur deus. Amen. (e) Obitus Thome fitzsymond dat anno domini mcccc lxxxiii. (f) Sancti Aidani episcopi etc. ix lc. per consti(tuciones). 86. (a) Obitus Margarete Whitt nucper (!) vxoris Walteri Foster ciuis ciuitatis ac maioris Dublin anno domini 1557, cuius anime propicietur deus. Amen. (b) Sancti Maculini episcopi et conf. ix lc. per con(stituciones). (c) Sancti Finiani episcopi et conf. ix lc. (d) Obitus Bartholomee Blancheffeld de Dublin mercar, qui obiit xviiio die Septembr anno domini mo ccccco xlo quinto, cuius anime propicietur deus (perh. amen eras.). (e) Obitus Roberti fitzSymon filii Iohannis fitzSymon 28 die Septembris anno domini mo do xxxviio, cuius anima precor ut apud deum sit graciosa. (f) Post festum sancti Ieronimi celebratur dedicacio ecclesie in dominica (sequente?). (g) Memorandum that oneyll invadyd the inglyshe pale the yere of our saverayng (!) lorde kyng Henry the viiith the one & thyrty and the secunde day of September and the ix day of same monyth the feld was gywyn at the lagan water by leonarde gray depute & capitaine of the inglyshe pale ther was of oneyles men & odonyll ys men (s ? canc.) slayne iiic. & the rest put to flyght after they hade don gret hurt as the burnyng of Arde loweth the nawan and du?? good wyllages (t owy canc.) townys of vryell & myche anno domini mo do xxxixo. 86v. (a) Sancte (!) Thome Herforde ix lc. per constituciones. (b) Sancti Francisci conf. duplex festum per constituciones. (c) Sancti Fintani confessoris ix lc. (duplex canc.) festum. (d) Sancti Mori abbatis ix lc. (e) Translacio sancte Etheldrede virginis non martiris ix lc. (f) Obitus Roger Taylor 1557. (g) Sancte Frediswide virginis non martiris ix lc. (h) Medie lec(tiones) de sancto Iohanne de Beuerlaco. (i) Obitus Iohannis Downgan quondam piscarii ciuisque Dwblinie (!), qui obiit anno domini 1554. (j) Obitus Brandan Foster 1558. 87. (a) Obitus Arlandi Dongan 1559. (b) Obitus Walteri Tayllor anno 1554. (c) Sancte Begnete virginis non martiris ix lc. (d) Sancti Macleti episcopi et conf. ix lc. (e) Obitus Alicie fitzSymon anno domini mccccco xxxv xiiii die mensis Nouembris. (f) Obitus Iohannes (!) Merrall 1559. (g) Obitus Marie Duff olim vxoris Richardi fitzSymonde filius et eres (!) Iohannis fitzsymon anno domini mo ccccco xlo xxiii Nouembris. 87v. (a) Sancti Osmundi episcopi et conf. ix lc. inferius duplex. (b) Obitus domine (!) Iohannis Kelle anno domini 1557. (c) Obitus domine (!) Iohannes (!) Mose 1550. (d) Sancti Finiani episcopi ix lc. (e) Sancti Monochi ix lc. (f) Obitus Elena (!) Norse 1557. (g) Obitus Wyllielmi Springan 1554. (h) Sancti Magnani episcopi et confessoris ix lc. (i) Obitus Iowan Norshe 1558. (j) Obitus Perse Kervan of Galve 1558. (k) Obitus Terrencii oneyll anno domini mo do xlio, qui occisus est (fuerit above) apud Trim castrum per Nigyll de Omayll. (l) Obitus bone memorie Wyllelmy Skewyntown militis deputat domini regis in Hybernia anno domini mo ccccco xxxv. [2] Folios 88-122v: (4)-(7) Psalter: 88-114v. (4) Psalms: In omnibus diebus dominicis per aduentum Beatus uir qui non abiit - omnis spiritus laudet dominum. Loss of two leaves after 95v (text jumps from Sedes tua deus in seculum (seculi catchword) to -frigerium. Introibo in domum tuam, Ps. 44.7 to 65.12). On 90 a 16th-century hand added in margin Diligam and set it to music on a 4-line stave. 114v-117v. (5) Canticles. 117v-119. (6) Litanies and prayers. A litany on 117v includes: Patrick, Finian, Columba, Brendan, Brigid, Kieran, Kevin. 117v and 118v have litanies arranged according to week-days in Lent. 119v-122v. (7) Service for the dead. Folios 123-135: (8) Common of saints, beg. imperf. (cf. Sarum breviary, edn. cit., 2 [1879] 400): -bebunt fortitudinem assument pennas. On 125 a 16th century hand added in margin Amen and set it to music on 4-line stave. Folios 135-229v: (9) Sanctorale. Loss of five leaves after 209v (text jumps from Ex omni corde laudauerunt no- to cum multitudine angelorum, Sarum breviary, edn. cit., 3 [1886] 849 to 899). (9) includes memorial for Patrick (160v-162v). On 186 a 16th century hand added a prayer honouring Olav: Deus corona regum et martirum victoria annue nos beati Olaui regis ac martiris aput te. [3] Dating Note: A. Buckley, Music in Ireland to c.1500, in A New History of Ireland, volume 1, ed. D. Ó Cróinín, (Oxford, 2005) 809 dates this antiphonal as probably between 1431 and 1435. [4] Layout: Layout: 2 columns (except (3)). c48 lines. [5] Script: Single style of writing and the additions as above. [6] Corrections and Additions: 16th century notes. Some leaves have tabs formed from the edges of these leaves to mark important places. Rough sketches drawn by hard point: castle (on 123); heraldic shield displaying two [anchors?] above, separated from one more below by horizontal band (l29, l30); tower or castle-like structure (l50, l7l, l80); abstract design (e.g. l44). Rough pencil sketches: man or angel (138), monumental N (155), monster (l98). Inscriptions by 16th-century hands: 8l has 'Thys bokepartaynyth vnto sant /' ('Johne' eras.) 'ys chorch in Dublyn' (repeated, with 'Johne' omitted and gap left before 'ys'). 81v has(a) 'Offrynge of the churche 1542. / Item an saynt olaues day / Item' (followed by 4 letters canc.) 'blanchwill I. fitz iiii d. / m. d. m. More / ? I. fitszymon. I. newfeld / whyt lorde Donyl m. more iiii ob.' 81v has (b) 'This boke partayneth to saynt (Johne added) / the ewangelest churche in Dwblin' ('per me B.H.' added). 107 has verses: Grace well today / Lorde I aske & mercy. Quod to the. 119 has perhaps a recipe advising the drinking of malt (by hard point). 150 has 'Henricus dei gratia rex Anglie et Francie et dominus Hibern et terra (!) supremum caput.' 182v has after a false start: 'yt was a mayd that ??? (be ?) pardon' (in pencil). 189v has 'Ihus. Nouerint uniuersy per presentes / Ihm. fyzthsymond. / Ihu.' (in pencil). 229v has many scribbles including (a) musical staves with notation and (b) 'Siant (!) presentes et futuri quod ego Rychardus de Fitzsymon dedi et concessi ;' (c) 'my lorde of Dublin;' (d) 'thys ys the present wrytyng be Robert / Fyzthsymond' (followed by deleted word) 'ys (some ?) ??? ??? boke of saynte Olaue' ('ys chorche' added); (e) 'Siant (!) per present m. Richardum Dromyng gent...;' (f) 'Bartholome / Blanchvill.' The inscription on 81 and the original inscription on 81v (b) are by one hand. Pious commonplaces, sometimes scratched by hard point (e.g. Ihesus mercy lady helpe me now & ever more. Amen 139) on 81, 88, 154, 195, 229v. 16th century pen-trials: e.g. on 62, 64, 72v, 153, 158v, 194v, 222, 227v, 229v. 2nd fo.: et expauescit. [7] Collation analysis: i(8) (lacks l-3) ii(6) iii(8) (lacks l-2, 7-8) iv-xiii(8) xiv(8) (lacks l-3) xv-xvi(8) xvii(6) xviii-xxvii(8) xxviii(8) (lacks 8) xxix(8) (lacks l-4) xxx-xxxi(8). Catchwords; leaf signatures in red. [8] Decoration: Initials red and/or blue, sometimes with red and/or blue flourishes or pale lavender or brown flourishes, calligraphic initials sometimes with brown flourishes; the flourishing of initials often includes foliage or (e.g. 60v, 195) head. Capitals marked with red. Each musical stave consists of four red lines.
  • Binding executed for the College in 1741-1744 by the shop of John Exshaw of Dublin in speckled calf.
  • Former shelfmarks: Lyon: B.1.4 ; Bernard: 579 ; Foley: E.3 ; c1670: E.1.5 ; Ussher: DDD.5
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  • For IE TCD MS 79 see W.H. Frere et al., 'Bibliotheca Musico-Liturgica', (Plainsong and Medieval Music Society, 1901-1932), 2 volumes, number 716; 'Analecta Hymnuica Medii Aeui', edd. G.M. Dreves et al., (Leipzig, 1886-1922), repr. (New York and London, 1961), 55 volumes, 11:49, 52:6; U. Chevalier, 'Repertorium Hymnolgicum', (Louvain and Paris, 1892-1921), 6 volumes, number 13684; W. O'Sullivan in 'Hermathena' number 88 (1956) 53; W. Hawkes in 'Reportorium Nouum' 2 (1958) 44-46; A. Hughes, 'Medieval Manuscripts for Mass and Office', (Toronto, 1982), 392. For a full study in music in IE TCD MSS 77-80 see Patrick Vincent Brennan, 'A contextualised study of the four rotated Sarum divine office manuscripts from Anglo-Norman Ireland', (Ann Arbor: University Microfilms International Dissertation Information Services, 1991), no. 9103125, (Washington University, St Louis Missouri PhD thesis May 1990). Concerning the disseration see Ann Buckley, 'Music in Ireland to c.1500', 798 with n.146. See also R. Sharpe, Medieval Irish Saints' Lives: An Introduction to Vitae Sanctorum Hiberniae, (Oxford, 1991), 381; P.V. Brannon, Medieval Ireland: Music in Cathedral, Church and Cloister, in Early Music 28 (2000) 195-196, 200, with plate (p. 198); A. Buckley, Music and Musicians in Medieval Irish Society, in Early Music 28 (2000), 187; A. Buckley, Music in Ireland to c.1500, 790-791, 796-797, 809, 812.
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