Compendium of parliamentary precedents,1693. IE TCD MS 622 Public Deposited

Compendium of parliamentary precedents,1693. IE TCD MS 622

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  • IE TCD MS 622
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  • Ireland
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  • 1693
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  • ii, 159 folios
  • [1] IE TCD MS 622 is a compendium of parliamentary precedents made in 1693, with an extensive analytical index, by William Molyneux M.P. The index runs from folio 1v to 2; the headings contained in the index are as follows: Absent [fol.3] - Act of Parliamt. [fol.3] - Address of ye. House [fol.3] - Adjournment [fol.3-3v] - Adjudications of in y.c House [fol. 3v] - Agents sent to Engld. [fol.4] - Alien [fol.4] - Answer [fol.4] - Appearance [fol.4v] - Applottmts. and apporconments [fol.4v]- Arbitrators [fol.4v] - Areta Custodia [fol.4v] - Assizes [fol.4v] - Attachmt. [fol.5] - Attorney [fol.5] - Ballotting [fol.5] - Bail [fol.5] - Barr [fol.5v] - Bills [fol.5v-6v] - Amendmts. Made in Bills by [Lo?] [fol.6v] - Heads of Bills drawn up by House [fol.6v- 7] - Rules abt. Preparing & passing Bills in ye. House [fol.7-7v] - Ingros’d Bills fro. Ye. Ho. Lds. [fol.7v] - Private Bills [fol.7v] - Bills Rejected [fol.7v- 8] - Black Book Brought into ye. Ho. [fol.8] - Bonds or Recognizaces [fol.8] - Bribes [fol.8] - Cases of [fol.8v- 9] - Ceremonys & Postures [fol.9]- Clergy [fol.9v] - Ctke of Ho. of Comons [fol.9v] - Coyncurrt. of ye. Kingdo. [fol.10] - Colledge near Dublin [fol.10-10v] - Comn. To hold P. [fol.10v] - Comrs. of ye. Customes [fol.10v] - - Comrs. of Court of Claims [fol.10v] - Committee of ye. Ho.[fol.10v-11] - Ho. in grand Committee [fol.11v] - Committee of Ho. In conjunction wth. Committee of Co. Board or Att. & Sollr. Gernll. About consulting & preparing Bills to be Transm. [fol.11v-12] - Conf. wth. Committee of ye. Ho. Lds. [fol.12-12v] - Conf. wth. Committee of Co: Board [fol.12v] - Costs awarded by Ho. [fol.12v] - Co. at Law. Admitted to Plead [fol.12v] - Councell Board [fol.13] - Cranage [fol.13] - Debate [fol.13] - Declaracon [fol.13-13v] - Delinquent [fol.13v] - Disagreemt. between ye. two Houses [fol.13v] - Dischargd [?] ffees [fol.13v-14] - Dismisson full hearing [fol.14] - Distress & abt. Distrain[?] [fol.14] - Distribution [fol.14] - Dublin Citty [fol.14] - Duces Secum [fol.14v] - Ejectmt. [fol.14] - Election of Membrs. [fol.14v-15] - Embargoe [fol.15] - Establishmt. [fol.15] - Exchequer [fol.15] - Excize [fol.15- 15v] - Explnacon of words let fall in Ho. by menidin [fol.15v] - Exposicen of Statute ye. Edw. 4 [fol.15v] - Explusion fro. Ho. [fol.15v] - Extra i.e. no mem[ber] [fol.15v] - Fees [fol.16- 16v] - Fines [fol.16v]– Ch. Governt. Of Ireland [fol.17-17v] - Gratuities from Ho. [fol.17v] - Grievances [fol.17v-18] - Guild of St. Anns [fol.18] - [Habeas] Corpus [fol.18] - Ho. Of Commons its Honour, Power, Rights and Privileges [fol.18-21] - Ho. Of Lds. [fol.21v] - Impeachmt. [fol.21v] - Indictmt. [fol.22] - Inquisition [fol.22]- Journall [fol.22] - Judges & Judicature [fol.22] - Jury [fol.22v] - Justice of Peace [fol.22v] - Knt. [Knight] Of Kerry [fol.22v] - Lands of Peers how lyable to Taxes [fol.22v] - Leave of Ho. [fol.22v-23] - Letters [fol.23] - Membrs. Of Ho. Of Commons [fol.23- 24] - Message & Messengrs. [fol.24-24v] - Money orderd. To be raised by ye. Ho. [fol.24v] - Monopoly of [sob.?] [fol.25] - Monopoly of Linnen- yarn [fol.25] - Name [fol.25] - Ne Exeat Regnum [fol.25v] - Nonage [fol.25v] - Notice [fol.25v] - Oath [fol.25v] - Officers [fol.25v] - Ordrs. Of Ho. To be observ’d by Mem. [fol.25v- 26v] - Papist [fol.26v] - Parliamt. [fol.26v] - Petitions [fol.26v-27v] - Plott [fol.27v] - Precedency [fol.27v] - Precednets vulgo. Presidts. [fol.27v] - Printers & Printing [fol.27v-28] - Prisoner [fol.28] - Priviledge of sutors to ye. Ho. [fol.28] - Proclamations [fol.28] - Prohibitions from Ho. Of Commons [fol.28- 28v] - Protection [fol.28v] - Protestation of ye. Ho. [fol.29] - Protestants [fol.29] - Punishmts. [ordered] by ye. Ho. [fol.29- 29v] - Queries [fol.29v] - Questions [fol.29v] - Quorum [fol.30] - Quo warranto [fol.30] - Recess of P. [fol.30] - Recognizance [fol.30] - Recordes [fol.30] - Restitution of Possn. [fol.30v] - Revenue [fol.30v] - Rise in ye. Ho. [fol.30v- 31] - Royall assent [fol.31] - Salvo jure of Ho. [fol.31] - Sequestration [fol.31- 31v] - Sergt. At arms attending ye. Ho. [fol.31v] - Sherriffe [fol.31v- 32] - Soldiers [fol.32] - Speaker [fol.32-32v]- Speech & Speaking [fol.32v] - State of this K.dome [fol.32v]- Subjects of Ireland [fol.32v]- Submission [fol.32v] - Subpena [fol.32v] - Subsidys [fol.32v-33v] - Suites in & suitors to ye. Ho. [fol.33v- 34] - Sumons orderd. by Ho. [fol.34-34v] - Supply [fol.34v] - Thanks of ye. Ho. [fol.34v] - The word Time [fol.34v-35] - Transmiss of Bills [fol.35-35v] - Traitor [fol.35v] - Wages of Membrs. [fol.35v] - Warrants from Speaker by Order. Of ye. Ho. [fol.35v]- Ways & Means for raising of mony in this Kingdome [fol.35v-36] - Wittnesses [fol.36] - Words [fol.36v] - Yeas & noes [fol.36v]. [2] On 2v is a list of abbreviations used, and 'Numbers in ye. Abridgemt. of ye. 6, Journals' (i.e. extracts from the journals of the House of Commons, divided into 7 main sections): [Section] 1 [fol.37-50v]= nos. 1-80, May 1613-October 1615; [Section] 2 [fol.51-58v]= nos. 81-157, July 1634-April 1635; [Section] 3 [fol.59-90v]= nos. 158-366, 16 March 1639-November 1641; [Section] 4 [fol.91-118]= nos. 367-553, May 1661-15 April 1665; [Section] 5 [fol.118v-135v]-= nos. 554-621, 26 October 1665-August 1666; [Section] 6 [fol.136-146v]= nos. 622-699, 'The last of the six Journalls begining in October 1692'. Nos. 700-716 [fol.147-159v; unnumbered section] 'contains sundry Apporconments of monys upon this K'dome and severall Tables of Fees'.
  • Former shelfmark: I.1.8
  • Includes text in English and Latin.
  • Foliation/imaging note: this volume is foliated ii, 159v; it contains a large number of unfoliated blank leaves at the end which have not been imaged.
Biographical note
  • William Molyneux, Member of Parliament, born in Dublin on 17 April 1656. He founded the Dublin Philosophical Society in 1683, and published several papers in Philosophical Transactions, and papers on optics and natural philosophy. In 1698 he published the controversial work, 'The Case of Ireland's being Bound by Acts of Parliament in England, Stated', a publication which the English House of Commons considered to be 'of dangerous consequence to the crown and people of England by denying the authority of the king and parliament of England to bind the kingdom and people of Ireland' (James G. O'Hara, 'Molyneux, William (1656-1698)', Oxford Dictionary of National Biography, Oxford University Press, Sept 2004). Molyneux died on 11 October 1698, and is interred in St. Audoen's Church, Dublin. See Molyneux's Wikipedia entry:
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  • With MS note on folio ii: "Ex libris Claud. Gilbert".
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