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  • IE TCD MS 6177
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  • created 11-04-1822
  • IE TCD MS 6177 is a homemade hymn book from the collection of material brought together by Edward Stephens (1888-1955) for his projected biography of his uncle, John Millington Synge. Kept by Anne Hayes: see folio i recto: “Anne Hayes, 11th April 1822”. Contents: --Fol i verso: Hymn on Prayer; 'Prayer is the soul's sincere desire ...' --Fol 1r: Hymn; 'Father whate'er of earthly bliss ...' --Fol 1v: An Evening Hymn; 'Through the day thy love hast kept us ...' Hymn; 'Though unseen by human eye ...' --Fol 2r: Behold I am vile; 'O Lord how vile am I ...' Lovest thou me?;'Tis a point I long to know ...' --Fol 2v: Encouragement; 'My soul is beset ...' --Fol 3r: Resignation; 'To do or not to do, to have ...' A Hymn Psa.120.n7; 'What a mournful life is mine ...' --Fol 3v: Pno.24; 'A friend that sticketh closer than a brother ...' Nothing with God Gen. 5.24; 'Oh for a closer walk with God ...' --Fol 4r:. Exhortation to prayer; 'What various hindrances we meet ...' Christ crucified; 'When on the cross my lord I see ...' --Fol 4v: Hymn for Saturday; 'Safely through another week ...' The Christian Sabbath; 'Is there a time when ...' --Fol 5r: Paraphrase on the 122nd Psalm; 'What joy while this I view the day ...' --Fol 5v: 84th Psalm; 'Blast who on thee their strength reclin'd ...' A Hymn; 'Amazing Grace! How sweet the sound ...' --Fol 6r: A Hymn; 'Let me but hear my saviour say ...' Names given to Christ in Scripture; 'Go worship at Emmanuel's feet ...' --Fol 6v: Breathing after the Holy Spirit; 'Come Holy Spirit ...' Heavenly joy on Earth; 'Come, we that love the Lord ...' --Fol 7r: A Morning Hymn; 'Once more my rising joy ...' --Fol 7v: A sight of God mortifies to the world; 'Up to the fields where angels be ...' Christ crucified; 'Amazing grief! Infinite love! ...' The death and burial of a saint; 'Why do we mourn departing friends ...' --Fol 8r: Redemption by priest; 'Jesus with all thy saints above ...' I love you on Eagle's wing and brought you unto myself; 'As the eagle cleaves the air ...' The Leper Mat: 8; 'Soft as the leper's case I read ...' --Fol 8v: True Pleasure; 'Lord my soul with pleasure ...' Solomon's Song; 'How sweet the name of Jesus sounds ...' Questions to unbelief; 'If to Jesus for relief ...' --Fol 9r: Lively Hope & Gracious Fear; 'I was a grovelling creature once ...' The Covenant; 'The Lord proclaimed his grace ...' The Shining Light; 'My former terrors are fled ...' --Fol 9v: A Hymn; 'Zachaeus climbed the tree ...' Holy Fortitude; 'Am I a soldier of the cross? ...' Thou art mean Psa 119; 'Whether along the mountain heath ...' --Fol 10r: On Heaven; 'My thoughts summoned the Lord ...' On Unfruitfulness; 'Long have I sat beneath the sound ...' --Fol 10v: All things working for Good; 'My soul survey thy happiness ...' The Lord's day; 'Welcome sweet day of rest ...' The Lord's day Morning; 'This is the day when Christ arose ...' A New Years Prayer; 'Time by moments steals away ...' --Fol 11r:. A Hymn; 'Is this a kind return? ...'Characters of the children of God; 'As new born babes desire the breast ...' --Fol 11v: Fondness for creatures; 'How vain are all things here below ...' Our sins the cause of Christ's death; 'And now the scales have left mine eyes ...' A funeral thought; 'Hark! From the tombs a doleful cry ...' --Fol 12r: Hope of Heaven; 'When I can read my title clear ...' A brother in Adversity; 'When every scene this side the grave ...' Saints beloved in Christ; 'Jesus! We bless thy father's name ...' --Fol 12v: The church the garden of Christ; 'We are a garden walled around ...' Praise to the Redeemer; 'Let us love & sing & wonder ...' --Fol 13r: The Converted Sinner; 'I asked the Lord, that I might grow ...' --Fol 13v:. Hymn for a Sunday School; 'So! at noon 'tis redden(?) night! ...' By the children; 'Almighty Jesus! God of truth ...' Dismission; 'Jesus! We hail thee Israel's king ...' --Fol 14:. I shalt be satisfied when I awake after thy likeness; 'What tongue can tell ...' Is this thy kindness to thy friend?; 'Poor, weak & worthless though I am ...' --Fol 15r: May 1877; 'And if the distant perils seem to make ...' --Fols 16v-18v: Illegible, partially erased pencil writing. --Fol 17r: Illegible, partially erased pencil writing. --Fol 18r:.Faded mark on bottom of page. See the Manuscripts & Archives Research Library’s catalogue entry here:
Teideal bailiúcháin
  • Stephens-Synge Collection
  • Part of the collection of material brought together by Edward Stephens (1888-1955) for his projected biography of his uncle. John Millington Synge
Cineál acmhainne
  • ink
  • paper (fiber product)
  • Irish
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  • MS6177_01
  • 0076295


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