Clondalkin Breviary, folios 85-108v: Psalter Public Deposited

Clondalkin Breviary, folios 85-108v: Psalter

Alternative title
  • Psalter
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  • IE TCD MS 78 ; former shelf marks Lyon: B.1.3; Bernard: 581; Foley: E.5; c1670: E.1.8; Ussher: DDD.7
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  • Copyright The Board of Trinity College Dublin. Images are available for single-use academic application only. Publication, transmission or display is prohibited without formal written approval of the Library of Trinity College, Dublin.
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Date Created
  • 1450-1499
  • Clondalkin Breviary. Folios 85-108v: Psalter, beg. imperf. (Ps. 5.7): -tem, perdes omnes qui locuntur mendacium. The psalter is in two main parts: the first (85-96v) consists of psalms for week-days and Sundays and is provided with music; the second part (96v-108), without music, consists almost exclusively of psalms for certain feasts. This latter section includes psalms for dedication of church (100v), feast of Transfiguration (100v-101), for feast of Name of Jesus (101). 107-108 offer, without music, special psalms and canticles: Ps. 89 (Domine refugium…), Exod. 15, Ps. 142 (Domine exaudi oracionem…), Habac. 3.2-19, Ps. 94 (Venite et exultemus…), Ps. 117 (Confitemini domino…). Loss of leaf after 102v (text jumps from ‘Ego sum pauper et dolens salus tua’ to ‘fecisti omnes terminos terre estatem et uer’). 108v originally blank.Inscriptions: -- 92 has 'By me williame gibbons / John bath.' -- 95 has '(John bath is in my (sonn ?) for the sam day for canc.).' -- 96v-97 have 'marcus Browe' (the name repeated).-- 98v has 'John / Brone.' -- 107 has (a) 'By me william gibbons' (the name repeated) and (b) 'william gibbons / bok. god mak him.' -- 108v has (a) 'Fines per me Willam Gibbons,' (b) 'Conor ballo depatytt (!) Clondalkan the xxix of march & again the vii of apryell/Apryell 1569,' (c) 'Be it knowen to all mene be thes presents that I william / gibbons in the conty of dublin doth ack / Be it know (!) to all mene be this presents that I Patricke Brone / of ballgedy in the county Dul' ('l' or unfinished 'b').
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  • ink
  • colored ink
  • calf (leather)
  • parchment (animal material)
  • irish
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  • MS78_179
  • 0152224


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