More Humbugs,-or-another attack on John Bulls Purse Public Deposited

More Humbugs,-or-another attack on John Bulls Purse

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  • issued 1818
  • [After CW -- British Museum No. 12986]“Princess Elizabeth (b. 1770) walks possessively with her husband, the Prince of Hesse-Homburg, his arm in the crook of her elbow, her hands clasped; they follow John Bull, a stout man wearing gaiters and carrying a knotted stick, who, with his hands deep in his coat-pockets, looks at them over his shoulder with glum suspicion. Both are dressed for the wedding, the Princess with feathers and diamonds in her hair, many jewels, and a train, the Prince in a court suit; he has a bristling mustache, a crest of hair like a cockatoo's, and smokes a long German pipe with a carved bowl. He bows, holding out his cocked hat insinuatingly, and says : Now Mr. Bull! I try my best, I erect my Crest And at your expense I shall be blest. The Princess is pretty but very stout, bland and propitiatory ; she says : Yes Johnny you know me before to Day, be assured I am no chicken And you shall see that merry Bess, In concert join'd with Humbug Hesse With Heirs old England soon shall Bless, But you must find the Money. John says : Bless!! did you say? hem, then I suppose I may expect a dozen more such blessings, and that will quite empty my Pocketts. The Prince says: Why I be com for your goods — John retorts : Aye and my Chatties too, I suspect!!! Behind Princess EUzabeth walk her two unmarried sisters, arm-in-arm, elaborately dressed with lace veils hanging from their heads. Princess Augusta (b. 1768) says: Now sister for a trip to Yarmany, we shall there see Relations of all descriptions without number. Princess Sophia (b. 1777) answers: and plenty of Husbands Sister. The scene is the Green Park, with part of the east front of the Queen's House (where Princess Elizabeth was married on 7 Apr.) The Prince was regarded in English society as vulgar and ineligible; his mustache and his pipe-smoking were especially condemned, and he was nicknamed Humbug.” (Source: George)
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  • Robinson Collection of Caricatures
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  • Robinson Collection of Caricatures
  • Presented to the Library of Trinity College Dublin in 1996 by Nicholas K. Robinson.
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  • Irish
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