York missal. IE TCD MS 83

York missal. IE TCD MS 83

Alternative title
  • Use of York missal
Shelf Mark/Reference Number
  • IE TCD MS 83 ; former shelf marks: Lyon: B.3.4 ; Bernard: 268 ; Foley: B.10 ; c1670: B.2.10 ; Ussher: HHH.71
Rights statement
  • Copyright The Board of Trinity College Dublin. Images are available for single-use academic application only. Publication, transmission or display is prohibited without formal written approval of the Library of Trinity College, Dublin.
Date Created
  • between approximately 1300-1499
Physical extent
  • 192 folios
  • 295mm x 202mm
  • IE TCD MS 83 is a use of York missal written in Latin in several hands between 1300 and 1499. With music and some decoration; also with 15th century corrections and notes, and 15th and 16th century pen-trials (on folios 192 and 49v respectively). Parchment; 192 leaves (1,192 are medieval parchment flyleaves). Contents: Folios 2-191: Missal, with music, use of York (ed. W.G. Henderson, 2 volumes, Surtees Society, (London, 1874); 'Analecta Hymnica Medii Aeui', edd. G.M. Dreves et al., (Leipzig, 1886-1922), repr. (New York and London, 1961), 55 volumes, 40: 261-262, 42:44-45, 53: 353-354, 54: 21-22, 123-124, 249, 252-253, with use of TCD MS 83): 2-6v. (1) Calendar, with grading, holy days entered in red or blue or black. Loss of leaf after 5v (September and October no longer represented). Among the entries in red: Translatio sancti Willelmi archiepiscopi Ebor (on 2), Sancti Iohannis archiepscopi Beuerlaci (4), Sancti Willelmi archiepiscopi Ebor (4v). Calendar verses (ed. J. Hennig in 'Traditio' 11 [1955] 84; H. Walther, 'Initia Carminum Ac Versuum Medii Aeui Posterioris Latinorum' (Carmina Medii Aeui Posterioris Latina 1), Göttingen 1959, with supplement (Göttingen, 1969), number 14563), a verse to a page: Prima dies mensis et septima truncat ut ensis - denus et anguis. 1rv originally blank. Obits of Norton family added by 15th century hand: 3v. Obitus Alicie vxoris Roberti Norton anno domini millesimo ccccxviii o. 4. Obitus Iohannis Norton de Patrickbrompton anno regni regis Henrici quinti et (cetera?) sexto (i.e. 1418/1419; Patrick Brompton is in Yorkshire). 5v. Obitus Iohannis filii Roberti Norton anno millesimo cccc o xxxvi o et sepultus in Ro('u' or 'n')e. 7-90v. (2) Temporale, Part 1. Includes service for Translation of William of York (18v). On 90v, by early 16th-century hand: Suscipe sancta trinitas hanc oblationem quam ego miser et indignus peccator offeram 91-95v. (3) Ordinary, with music. [95v is illustrated in John B. Friedman, 'Northern English Books, Owners and Makers in the Late Middle Ages', (Syracuse, New York: Syracuse University Press, 1995), p. 103 (illustration number 11).] 96-98v. (4) Canon, with music, ends imperf. (cf. edn. 1:206-207): Set libera numbers Parchment tab, having traces of contemporary writing, marks beginning of canon. 99-122v. (5) Temporale, Part 2, ends imperf. with gospel reading Luc.14.15 for feria iv post dom. xx and with the catchwords feria vi. 123-148. (6) Sanctorale. Includes service for John of Beverley (on 131) and service for William of York (132). Perhaps bifolium is missing after 141v. 148v-162. (7) Common of saints. 162-166. (8) Masses of special commemoration, e.g. for the Trinity, Holy Ghost, William of York (on 165), Peter and Paul. 166-174v. (9) Votive masses. 175. (10) Postcommunion Pro animabus (edn. 2:189). 175rv. (11) Trentale with the introduction. 175v. (12) The Passion according to John. 175v-176. (13) Prayers: 175v Deus qui manus tuas et pedes tuos et totum corpus tuum pro nobis peccatoribus; 176 (a) Deus clemens omnipotens, nostri redempcionis summa finalis libera propicius animam famuli tui N. de manibus demonum; (b) Omnipotens et misericors deus Ihesu fili uirginis dulcissime, animarum saluandarum redemptor terram quam sanguine tuo proprio dedicasti de manibus inimicorum nostrorum eripias; (c) Mundi saluator Ihesu, fili uirginis dulcissime, clemens potens deus ab omnibus peccatis clementer absoluas. 176rv. (14) Missa pro mortalitate, with indulgence of Clement VI. (cf. TCD MS 195 (37)). 177-186v. (15) Sequences (all appear in edn.: see index of sequences at 2:351-353, and see especially 2:197-211): Loss of leaf after 184v (text jumps from uterque ui(tet lancea catchwords) to aliis decenter composita, that is, from feast of one or more apostles to feast of one martyr, cf. edn. 2:197 and 203). 187-191. (16) Further services: Sanctificatio salis et aque, Benedictio aque; Vt mulier cito pareat (!, for pariat) (187v); mass for Patrick, with sequence Leta lux est hodierna qua conscendit ad superna - pietate gaudium. Amen (the sequence ed. L. Bieler in 'Lateinische Dichtungen des x. und xi. Jahrhundert, for Walther Bulst', (Heidelberg, 1981), 55-56, with use of TCD MS 83; U. Chevalier, 'Repertorium Hymnologicum', (Louvain and Paris, 1892-1921), number 9962; 187v-188); Pro muliere pregnante (188); Missa de nomine Iesu, with indulgence of Pope Boniface (188-189v); Missa de uulneribus Iesu, with remark that Pope Boniface was advised by Raphael to say the service (189v-191). 191v, 192v blank; 192 originally blank. It seems that patches with writing had covered holes on 27rv, 38rv, 187rv but are now gone (cf. patch with writing on 118rv). Decoration: On 95v, before canon, lower half of page depicts the crucifixion, showing Christ, Mary, John with book, and kneeling tonsured man. Only frame and patterned background are fully executed (gold, blue, white, purple are used): the figures, drawn with considerable detail, were never coloured, and scroll, proceeding upward near kneeling figure, was never inscribed. Outside the picture, at lower centre, is red cross within circle framed by pale blue. Full border on 7, nearly full on 96, smaller partial borders elsewhere: all the borders, showing vine and foliage, are in gold and colours. Initials blue and white, or pink and white, on gold ground, with foliage in pink and white, and in blue and white; other initials in gold on ground of blue and white and/or pink and white with foliate marginal spray in brown ink; still other initials red or blue, sometimes with lavender or blue or red flourishes (red flourishes sometimes include rough drawing of face, e.g. on 36v, 71v, 74, 101). MS 83 underwent conservation work and was disbound in 2017 by Ray Jordan, the Library of Trinity College Dublin. A misbinding in the MS was corrected and Colker's description has been amended to reflect the revised foliation. Currently awaiting rebinding. Previous binding executed for the College in 1741-1744 by the shop of John Exshaw of Dublin in speckled calf. Please see the Manuscripts & Archives Research Library’s catalogue entry for the original manuscript here:
  • Currently awaiting rebinding. Previous binding executed for the College in 1741-1744 by the shop of John Exshaw of Dublin in speckled calf.
  • For IE TCD MS 83 see W.H. Frere et al., 'Bibliotheca Musico-Liturgica, Plainsong and Medieval Music Society', 1901-1932, 2 volumes, number 730; 'Analecta Hymnica Medii Aeui', edd. G.M. Dreves et al., (Leipzig, 1886-1922), repr. (New York and London, 1961), 55 volumes, 40:262, 42:45, 53:355, 54:22, 124, 250, 253; R.H. Robbins and J.L. Cutler, 'Supplement to the Index of Middle English Verse', (Lexington, Kentucky, 1965); Bieler o.c. [on (16)] 50, 52-53, 55-56; C. Leonardi in 'Medioevo latino' 5 (1984) number 2790, where TCD MS 85 is an error for TCD MS 83.See also John B. Friedman, 'Northern English Books, Owners and Makers in the Late Middle Ages' (Syracuse, New York: Syracuse University Press, 1995), pp. 13-14, 74, 101-104, 106-107, 128, 160; 95v is illustrated on p. 103 (illustration number 11); K.L. Scott, 'Later Gothic Manuscripts 1390-1490 (A Survey of Manuscripts Illuminated in the British Isles)', 2 volumes, (London, 1996) [Scott wrongly listed TCD MS 83 as TCD MS 85 in index of volume 2:395] 1:42, 2:37-8, 120, 138, with fig. 18 in volume 1; K.L. Scott in 'English Manuscript Studies' 10 (2002) 199; A. Buckley, ‘Music in Ireland to c.1500’, in A New History of Ireland, volume 1, ed. D. Ó Cróinín, (Oxford, 2005.) 791.
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