Theodore Gaza, Grammatica. IE TCD MS 925 Public Deposited

Theodore Gaza, Grammatica. IE TCD MS 925

Alternative title
  • Grammatica
Shelf Mark/Reference Number
  • IE TCD MS 925 ; former shelfmark: K. 3. 8
Rights statement
  • Copyright The Board of Trinity College Dublin. Images are available for single-use academic application only. Publication, transmission or display is prohibited without formal written approval of the Library of Trinity College, Dublin.
Publisher location
  • England?
Date Created
  • November 1480
Physical extent
  • 119 folios
  • IE TCD MS 925, Theodore Gaza, Grammatica, written in one hand. By John Serbopoulos, England. Created November 1480. Extent: 119 folios. Contemporary leather-stamped binding over a front beech board and an oak back board, with an elaborate design of flowery lozenges in the central rectangle, framed by vegetable and animal (dragons) motifs inserted in crossing longitudinal and horizontal bands, with a ‘grate’ design interposed between these motifs; the nails that once held the fore-clasps survive, though the clasps were cut off; the spine, which had been completely lost, was replaced during conservation (2011) and the text block was re-sewn at the original stations. The conservation report states that the book was originally sewn on three tanned double leather thongs that were laced into the timber binding boards and pegged with a similar wedge of leather. Because the remains of the tanned leather sewing supports were still in place in the board lacing holes, it was decided during conservation to fray out the new supports on the outside of the binding boards while feeding some strands through the lacing holes and fraying out on the inside. Where no original support fragment remained the new linen support was laced in and wedged with an alum tawed calfskin wedge. For further information see Dr. Barbara Crostini’s description attached below in PDF form, or in the Manuscripts and Archives Research Library catalogue:
  • Other manuscripts by same scribe of similar content: Cambridge, Trinity College, MS R.9. 22 (dated 1489) and Oxford, New College, MS 254 (dated 1494), folios 2 -159, 160-179, both written by John Serbopoulos at Reading Abbey; and Oxford, Bodleian Library, MS Gr. class. e. 96; cf. also Oxford, Bodleian Library, MS Bywater 35, described in Barbara Crostini Lappin,Catalogue of Greek manuscripts acquired by the Bodleian Library since 1916 (Oxford, 2003).Further information: T.K. Abbot, Catalogue of the manuscripts in the Library of Trinity College, Dublin (Dublin and London, 1900), p. 158. J.G. Smyly, ‘Notes on Greek manuscripts in the Library of Trinity College’, Hermathena 33 (1933), 163-95, at pp. 174-5.D. Harlfinger, Repertorium griechischen Kopisten, 3vols (Vienna, 1981), I, no. 180, A: pp. 106-7 ; B: p. 77; C: pl. 180 (= Cambridge, Trinity College, MS R. 9. 22, folio 97r).
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  • ink
  • Greek
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  • MS925_001
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