Alcabitius, etc.: folios 1 to 34v, plus front cover, endleaves etc. Public Deposited

Alcabitius, etc.: folios 1 to 34v, plus front cover, endleaves etc.

Alternative title
  • [Works on astronomy and astrology]
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  • IE TCD MS 368 ; former shelf marks: Lyon: D.1.24 ; Bernard: 548 ; Foley: H.54 ; c1670: M.1.39 ; Ussher: GGG.62
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  • Copyright The Board of Trinity College Dublin. Images are available for single-use academic application only. Publication, transmission or display is prohibited without formal written approval of the Library of Trinity College, Dublin.
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Date Created
  • circa 1100-1499
  • IE TCD MS 368 contains a Latin translation by Iohannes [Joannes] Hispalensis (John of Seville) of the introductory work on astronomy entitled Introductorius ad magisterium iudiciorum astrorum, originally written in Arabic by Alcabitius [ʻAbd al-ʻAzīz Ibn ʻUthmān]. It also contains numerous other astronomical and astrological entries, including:Folios 1-34v: (1) Alcabitius, Liber Introductorius, tr. Iohannes Hispalensis (pr. Venice 1512; L. Thorndike and P. Kibre, 'A Catalogue of Incipits of Mediaeval Scientific Writings in Latin', second edition, Mediaeval Academy of America, (Cambridge, Massachusetts, 1963), 1078): Incipit Alcabicius. Postulata a domino prolixitate uite... uolimus (!) narrare. Cum uidissem conuentum quorundam antiquorum - eorum in gradibus. 1-34v Aitach circuli signorum diuiditur - iudiciorum astrorum quin proferramus illud. Explicit. Astrological charts on 3v, 4, 6. The binding was executed for the College in 1741-1744 by the shop of John Exshaw of Dublin in speckled-calf. INSCRIPTIONS:-- iv has 'Scientia inflat, charitas edificat. D.N.' (i Cor. 8.1; 16th century)-- ii has '13' (18th century). iii has 'Liber… tractans de astrologia…' (16th century). -- 1 has (a) 'Alcabitius' as heading for (1) (15th century), (b) monogram F (16th century). 8v has H. Walther, 'Lateinische Sprichwörter und Sentenzen des Mittelalters', no. 5094 (13th-century pencil). See the Manuscript & Archive Research Library’s catalogue entry here:
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  • ink
  • colored ink
  • calf (leather)
  • parchment (animal material)
  • French
  • Spanish
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  • MS368_001
  • DCAT0120818


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