Diary of Michael Davitt, 1895: A bushman’s farewell to Queensland Público Deposited

Diary of Michael Davitt, 1895: A bushman’s farewell to Queensland

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  • Michael Davitt's first diary for his Australian Tour, 1895
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  • IE TCD MS 9561b/9
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  • created 1895
  • Item inserted into the Diary of Michael Davitt. DN 30,1895 (IE TCD MS 9561): IE TCD MS 6561b/9 is a poem, entitled ‘A bushman’s farewell to Queensland’: Queensland, thou art a land of pests; Fo flies and fleas one never rests; E’en now mosquitos round me revel, In fact they are the very devil. Sandflies and hornets just as bad —They nearly drive a fellow mad. With scorpion and centipede, And stinging ants of every breed. Fever and ague, with the shakes, Tarantulas and poisonous snakes; Iguanas, lizards, cockatoos, Bushrangers and jackeroos; Bandicoots and swarms of rats, Bulldog ants and native cats; Stunted timber, thirsty plains, Parched-up deserts, scanty rains. There’s rivers here you can’t sail ships on, There’s native women without shifts on; There’s humpies, huts, and wooden houses, And native men who don’t wear trousers; There’s Barcoo rot and sandy-blight, There’s dingoes howling all the night; There’s curlew’s wail, and croaking frogs, There’s savage blacks and native dogs; There’s scentless flowers and stinging trees, There’s poisonous grass and darling peas, Which drive the cattle raving mad, Make sheep and horses just as bad: And then it never rains in reason —There’s drought one year and flood next season, Which sweep the squatters’ sheep away, And then there is the devil to pay, To stay in thee, O land of mutton! I would not give a single button, But bid thee now a long farewell, Thou scorching, sunburnt land of hell?
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  • Papers of Michael Davitt
  • The Davitt papers were in the hands of Professor T.W. Moody, professor of modern history TCD and biographer of Davitt, and they were arranged, numbered and listed by him. His arrangement and catalogue remain in use but aspects of his numbering have been superceded. Additional listing done in TCD. Deposited in TCD Library in parts 31 March 1978 and 20 August 1980. Presented by Davitt's son, Judge Cahir Davitt, May 1982 and 17 June 1982 with additions later (January 1983).
  • Davitt, Cahir, Donor
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  • ink
  • paper (fiber product)
  • Irish
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  • MS9561_128
  • 0150560