Arabic manuscript. IE TCD MS 3335 Public Deposited

Arabic manuscript. IE TCD MS 3335

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  • IE TCD MS 3335; former shelfmark: M.6.8
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  • IE TCD MS 3335, an Arabic manuscript. Examined Jan 2012 by Prof. N. Dobronravin, St. Petersburgh State University who describes all the texts as letters and writes that 'except [for] one letter, the handwriting is Sudani, either close to the Kano variety of it (n.3 and 8) or more 'Sokoto' or Western Sudanic in shape (n.1-2, 4-6, 9-10). One letter (n.7) was written in an 'Oriental' style (Eastern 'fa' and 'qaf', final 'ya' with two dots below), although it would be rather difficult to describe it as 'nashki'. The first impression of a "clumsy naskki" would not be satisfactory, but [perhaps] an Eastern Sudanic variety of Arabic script'. Seven out of ten letters are undoubtedly a part of correspondence between Muammad al-Hashimi, Sire 'Ali and their followers and relatives. The texts may be divided as follows:--1 Sulayman ibn Muammad Tuqur to 'Abd al-Qadir ibn Muammad /--2 Sire 'Ali to Muammad al-Hashimi /--3 Muammad, khatib of the Friday mosque, son of the imam of Hadejia (Ibrahim ibn mu'allim Abya: probably a translation from Hausa, that is, Malam Fari) to an unknown scholar, "mentor of scholars" (ustad al-'ulama') /--4 al-murid al-barid (?) Sa'id ibn Muammad to Muammad al-Hashimi ibn Alfa Amad /--5 al-murid al-wadid 'Abd-Allah ibn Mamud to Muammad al-Hashimi /--6 Malik ibn Amad to Muammad al-Hashimi ibn al-Fahim Amad /--7 mu'allim Amdul (or Amd.q.l) ibn mu'allim (sic) to mu'allim Sulemani ibn mu'allim Muse (partly vocalised) /--8 (fol 60) Nabuku to 'Ali Jatau and the rest of the community (wa-sa'ir al-jama?'a) /--9 Muammad Bello (most probably, the famous emigrant from Nigeria to the Sudan, Muammad Bello Maiwurno) and Amad Sambo Tumi to Sire 'Ali /--10 Sire 'Ali to Muammad al-Hashimi, Muammad Bello, Amad Àambo and amir al-jaysh Amad ibn 'Umar. There are five pieces of flat leather associated with the manuscript; one mended, one with very fine hair. Description is provided courtesy of Professor Dobronravin.
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  • ink
  • leather
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  • MS3335_001
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