1641 Depositions. County Waterford. IE TCD MS 820, folios 301-378 Public Deposited

1641 Depositions. County Waterford. IE TCD MS 820, folios 301-378

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  • Black books. County Waterford
  • Books of discrimination. County Waterford
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  • IE TCD MS 820, folios 301-378
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  • Copyright The Board of Trinity College Dublin. Images are available for single-use academic application only. Publication, transmission or display is prohibited without formal written approval of the Library of Trinity College, Dublin.
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  • Ireland
Date Created
  • between approximately 1642-1654
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  • folios 301-378
  • [1] IE TCD MS 820, folios 301-378. IE TCD MS 820 is a volume of 1641 Depositions made in County Waterford. See the attached spreadsheet for further folio-specific details, including deponent names and transcriptions of their depositions. Folio [i] r has header: "Depositions concerning murders & robberies comitted in the County of Waterford." The 1641 Depositions comprise over 3,000 personal statements or 'depositions' of Protestant men and women of all classes, made following the outbreak of the rebellion by the Catholic Irish in October 1641. This material was collected by special commissioners between 1641 and the end of the war in 1654, and was used as evidence in the subsequent trials of rebellion leaders. The Depositions constitute the chief evidence for the contested allegation that the 1641 rebellion began with a general massacre of Protestant settlers. The 1641 Depositions are the papers of Rev. Dr. Henry Jones and seven other clergy who were instructed to record the losses and experiences of 'despoiled Protestants' by successive commissions of 23 December 1641, 18 January 1642 and 9 June 1642, together with copies of many of them made by their clerk, Thomas Waring, in the late 1640s; the papers of Rev Philip Bysse, who received a commission to collect similar information in Munster on 5 March 1642; and the papers of a second set of commissioners appointed in 1652 to collect evidence of atrocities and undertake the prosecution of offenders. The separate collections were brought together in the 1650s, initially to facilitate legal proceedings, but subsequently to provide information about the degrees of guilt of Catholic landholders who were being transplanted to Connacht. At that stage, they were called 'the books of discrimination' or 'the black books'. In later years they have been variously known as 'Henry Jones' papers', 'Barry's papers' (after Matthew Barry, the clerk of the Council who had custody of them after 1660) but they are mostly referred to as 'The 1641 Depositions'. [2] Depositions in this section of IE TCD MS 820 are as follows: Fols.300r-301v: John Seller and Edward Carter; 1642-03-29. Fols.302r-302v: Richard Dampyre; 1643-05-17. Fols.303r-303v: Arthure Byrt; 1642-06-02. Fols.304r-304v: Richard Hadynot; 1642-08-16. Fols.305r-305v: Arthure Byrt; 1643-06-02. Fols.306r-307v: James Wallis; 1643-07-07. Fols.308r-308v: John Sherwin; 1642-08-13. Fols.309r-309v: John Clement; 1643-03-22. Fols.310r-310v: Edmond Rutter; 1643-03-31. Fols.311r-311v: Thomas Ellwell; 1643-04-11. Fols.312r-315v: Lawrence Hooper; 1643-05-31. Fols.316r-319v: Elizabeth Danuers; 1645-08-14. Fols.320r-322v: Major Thomas Downing; 1652-11-24. Fols.321r-321v: Christopher Croker; 1652-09-11. Fols.323r-323v: John Clement; 1643-05-22. Fols.324r-325v: Thomas Downing; 1652-11-24. Fol.326r: Thomas Ellwill; 1652-10-18. Fols.326r-327v: Michaell willson; 1652-10-18. Fols.328r-329v: Josias Nance; 1652-11-17. Fols.330r-331v: Manasses Marshall. Fols.332r-333v: Abraham Hill; 1652-11-30. Fols.334r-334v: William Connel; 1652-10-28. Fol.334r: Patrick Weymes; 1652-10-28. Fols.335r-335v: Lt Coll Wheeler; 1652-10-28. Fols.336r-337v: Katherin Croker; 1652-11-27. Fols.338r-339v: Christopher Croker; 1652-11-30. Fols.340r-340v: William Mullaghane; 1652-11-26. Fols.341r-341v: Thomas Gogh; 1652-11-26. Fol.342r: John Barry; 1652-11-26. Fol.342v: Joane O fflyn. Fol.343r: Isack Quary. Fols.343r-343v: Russell ffinger. Fol.343r: Isack Quary. Fols.344r-345v: Stephen Baetman; 1652-11-30. Fols.346r-346v: George Giles; 1652-11-30. Fol.346r: Isacke Quarrie; 1642-11-24. Fols.347v-348v: Rusill ffinger; 1652-11-24. Fols.349r-350v: John Casy; 1642-12-06. Fols.351r-351r: Margarett Southwell. Fols.351r-352v: Joane ny Carayne. Fols.353r-353v: Kathrin Oulatgh; 1652-10-25. Fols.354r-355v: John Croaker; 1654-06-16. Fol.356r: Isack Giles; 1654-06-16. Fols.356r-356v: William Voice; 1654-06-16. Fols.357r-358v: John Quarry; 1652-11-24. Fol.359r: Dauid Craten; 1654-06-13. Fols.359r-360v: Isack Giles; 1654-01-13. Fols.361r-362v: Thomas Abraham; 1654-06-07. Fols.363r-364v: Steuen Bateman; 1654-06-16. Fols.365r-366v: Thomas Abraham; 1654-06-07. Fols.367r-368v: Thomas Abraham; 1654-06-07. Fol.369r: John Andrewes; 1654-06-16. Fols.369r-370v: William Voice; 1654-06-16. Fols.371r-372v: Christo Croaker; 1654-06-16. Fols.373r-374v: John Pepper; 1654-06-17. Fol.373r: Peirce Poore; 1654-06-02. Fols.375r-376v: John foster; 1654-06-02. Fol.375r: Hugh Hill; 1654-06-16. Fols.377r-378v: John Andrewes; 1654-06-16.
  • The Depositions were imaged in 2009 by Eneclann as part of the 1641 Depositions Project, a collaborative project between Trinity College Dublin, the University of Aberdeen, and the University of Cambridge, in partnership with IBM LanguageWare and Eneclann. The principal investigators on the project were Prof. Jane Ohlmeyer, Prof. Thomas Bartlett, Prof. Micheal O Siochru, and Prof. John Morrill. The transcriptions were edited by Prof. Aidan Clarke. The researchers on the project were Dr. Edda Frankot, Dr. Annaleigh Margey, and Dr. Elaine Murphy. For the historical background of the depositions, guidance on use, browsing, and advanced search facilities see the dedicated 1641 Depositions website:
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  • 1641 Depositions
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