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Reflection To be, or not to be!!

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  • Ireland
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  • issued 1820
  • [After I R CK -- British Museum No. 13661]“George IV, looking at himself in a pier-glass, starts back at the sight of his wife, crowned, looking over the shoulder of his own reflection, of which a cheek, whisker, and startled eye are visible. The crown, which he is trying on, is on his head ; on the floor beside him lie his discarded coronet and feathers. He wears a sword, and a sceptre projects from his coat-pocket. The Queen is very stout, and seems taller than the King, looking down on him with a contemptuous half-smile. She wears a necklace centred by two hearts. On a table (1.) is a decanter of Noyau, with a glass. Carpet, chair, and table-cloth are decorated with the Royal Arms or (Garter) stars. The mirror is surmounted by a crown. The crucial question of the Queen's position was still latent. Brougham had sent a courier (31 Jan.) urging her instant return to England, The Cabinet refused (10 Feb.) the King's demand for immediate divorce proceedings, and recommended an Act stipulating for her residence abroad, while receiving an ample allowance. On 17 Feb. the King accepted this advice, but Brougham (as her legal adviser) was warned that should she return a punitive Bill would be instantly introduced. The exclusion of her name from the Liturgy roused no discussion in Parliament and little in the Press, but, according to Creevey 'the cry at the Proclamation was God save the Queen!'” (Source: George)
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  • Robinson Collection of Caricatures
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  • Robinson Collection of Caricatures
  • Presented to the Library of Trinity College Dublin in 1996 by Nicholas K. Robinson.
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  • Irish
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