Transactions of the Institution of Civil Engineers of Ireland. Volume 9, 1871 Public Deposited

Transactions of the Institution of Civil Engineers of Ireland. Volume 9, 1871

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  • issued 1871
  • Transactions of the Institution of Civil Engineers of Ireland. Vol. IX. Dublin: Printed for the Institution of Civil Engineers, by John Falconer, 53 Upper Sackville-Street, 1871. Issuing body changes from the Institution of Civil Engineers of Ireland to the Institution of Engineers of Ireland from volume 96 onwards.--On the Rathmines waterworks by Henry Johnston, Member – Page 1.--Description of an experiment on the strength of a lattice road girder at the Boyne Viaduct by Bindon B. Stoney Memenr, Ma. A. M.I.C.E., -Page 10.--On the repair of the river wall at Burgh Quay, Dublin by I.J. Mann, C.E. Member, - Page 17.--An easy proof of the “Prismoidal Formula,” with an accurate method of talking out the quality of earth, and setting out the “Half-breaths” in a cutting with a steep gradient by Edward Townsend, M.A.. Member; Professor of Civil Engineering, Queens College, Galway – Page 28. --On Anderson’s patent lock arrangement for railway signals by John Baily, Member – Page 31.--On the method of preventing the bursting of domestic waterpipes by frost of pressure by G. H. Kidd, M.D., Follow of Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland – Page 39. --On self-acting regulator for the supply of water at high pressure by Charles Geoghegan, Associate – Page 47.--Short historical sketch of the construction and working of the Bann Reservoir at Lough Ireland Reavy, Country Down, with the description of a long existing leak in the main embankment, and its repair in autumn, 1867. By John Smyth, jun., Member, M.A., F.M.S. –Page 51.--Description of the iron lattice girder road bridge, recently erected over the River Boyne, at the Obelisk by William G. Strype, Associate, - Page 67.--On hydraulic machinery for obtaining small motive power by William Anderson, Ex-President – Page 78. --On a simple method of surveying by plane table by Colonel Meadows Taylor, C. S. I., C. E., Member – page 85.--Record of some experiments on heating water and condensing steam by Tubular and double-cased vessels by William Anderson, Ex-President – Page 88. --Address by J. Ball Greene, C.E. President. – Page 109.PLATES:--Vol. IX Plate I. Rathmines Waterworks.--Vol. IX Plate II. Experiments on the lattice girder.--Vol. IX Plate III. Repair to river wall, Burgh Quay.--Vol. IX Plate IV. Proof of Prismoidal Formula.--Vol. IX Plate V. Anderson’s patent lock signals.--Note: No Plate VI in volume 9. --Vol. IX Plate VII. Self acting regulator.--Vol. IX Plate VIII. Bann reservoir repairs.--Vol. IX Plate IX. Bann reservoir repairs.--Vol. IX Plate X. Lattice girder road bridge.--Vol. IX Plate XI. Hydraulic machinery for small power.--Vol. IX Plate XII. Improvements in plane table.--Vol. IX Plate XIII. The heating and cooling of water.
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  • Transactions of the Institution of Civil Engineers of Ireland
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