Homiliary. IE TCD MS 185 Poiblí Deposited

Homiliary. IE TCD MS 185

Cód seilf/Uimhir thagartha
  • IE TCD MS 185 ; former shelfmark: E. 3. 35
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Dáta a cruthaíodh
  • circa 1020
  • IE TCD MS 185, a liturgical homiliary for the whole year, from September to August. Pre-metaphrastic. Created: 11th century, first half (c. 1020) by an unknown scribe, single hand. Arrangement: Folios 1-256, 261 (displaced), 257-260. Style of script: calligraphic minuscule of the Perlschrift type, regular, at times reduced in module and very restrained; characteristic zeta turning towards the line with its top stroke; suspended ligatures with phi. Small Alexandrine semi-uncial for the titles and larger epigraphic uncial for the liturgical rubrics in the upper margin, scribal. Inks: orange-brown ink used throughout the text and for the rubrication of all non- illustrated initials, as well as for outlining ornamented ones. Some titles highlighted in red, green or yellow. Νote of possession and ‘curse’ at folio 78r: “Whoever cuts the leaves of this manuscript, their days will by miracle be cut together with it, Amen” (ὅσοι τὰ φύλα τῆς δε τ(ῆς) βίβλου κόπτοθαι, αἱ ἡμέραι αὐτῶν, κατὰ κοπταίτοσαν ἅμα εἰς θαῦμα ἀμὴν). Then the following date (1672) and (placename?) ἔτους σ(ωτη)ρίῳ αχοβ´ σερβί(ων) άσϊαφ|ω. Notes of possession also on folios 14r and 261r (see Marginalia). Decoration: Despite some general features recalling the designs characteristic of Southern Italian manuscripts (interlace, knots, hands, zoomorphic initials), the execution of these designs does not in my opinion support a Southern Italian provenance. Binding: Restored binding reusing older wooden boards and part of a leather covering both for the front and back. Description by Dr. Barbara Crostini. For further information see Dr. Crostini’s full description in the Manuscripts and Archives Research Library catalogue:
Teideal bailiúcháin
  • Medieval Greek Manuscripts
Cineál acmhainne
  • calf (leather)
  • wood (plant material)
  • Greek
Aitheantóir Oibiachta Digití
  • MS185_001
  • 0037015


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