William Ballet lute book, with one other lute book. IE TCD MS 408 Public Deposited

William Ballet lute book, with one other lute book. IE TCD MS 408

Alternative title
  • Lute book
  • Ballet lute book
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  • IE TCD MS 408 ; former shelfmarks: D.1.21 ; B.32 ; I.65
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  • Copyright The Board of Trinity College Dublin. Images are available for single-use academic application only. Publication, transmission or display is prohibited without formal written approval of the Library of Trinity College, Dublin.
Date Created
  • circa 1590-1603
  • IE TCD MS 408 is a single volume containing two distinct and unrelated lute music manuscripts, bound together subsequent to their arrival in the Library in the 18th century.--Pp 1-74 The William Ballet lute book: a collection of English lute and viol music, including many abstract tunes for dances.--Pp 75-114 Lute book: a personal collection by an untrained lutenist of late Elizabethan popular tunes for dances and ballads.IE TCD MS 408 contains settings of a great many of the popular dance and broadside ballad tunes of the sixteenth century including: 'Fortune my foe,' 'Peg a Ramsey,' 'Bonny sweet Robin,' 'Calleno (?Cailín ó Cois tSiúire mé),' 'Lightlie love Ladies, 'Green Sleeves,' 'Weladay,' (all mentioned by Shakspeare); also 'The Witches Dawnce,' 'The hunt is up,' 'The Shaking of the Shetes,' 'The Quadran Pavan,' 'a Hornpipe,' 'Robin Reddocke,' 'Barrow Foster's Dreame,' 'Lachrymae by mr dowland ' (pp 42-3). 'Lusty Gallant,' 'The Blacksmith,' "Rogero,' 'Turkeyloney,' 'Staynes Morris,' 'Sellenger's Rownde,' 'All flowers in brome,' 'Ballo,' 'Wigmore's Galliard,' 'Robin Hood is to the greenwood gone,' 'Queen Maries Dump'. A full list is given in Ward, op cit. The author's of the music include Anthony Holborne, John Johnson, John Dowland, Daniell Batcheler, Thomas Ford, Alfonso Ferrabosco, Edward Pearce, Mr Newman and Mr Cotton.Please see the Manuscripts & Archives Research Library’s catalogue entry for the MS here:
  • Répertoire international des sources musicales, B VII;handschriftlich überlieferte Lauten- und Gitarrentablaturen des 15. bis 18. Jahrhunderts, beschriebender Katalog von Wolfgang Boetticher (Munich: G Henle, [1978]).JM Ward, 'The lute books of Trinity College, Dublin: II MS D. 2. 21 (the so-called Ballet Lute Book)' in The Lute Society Journal, vol x, 1968AJ Sabol, A score for lovers made men, a masque by Ben Jonson (Providence: Brown University Press, 1963.Claude M Simpson, The British broadside ballad and its music (Rutgers U.P., 1966).Breandán Breathnach, Folk music and dances of Ireland (Dublin and Cork: Mercier Press, 1977)
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  • ink
  • paper (fiber product)
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  • MS408_001
  • 0088391


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