Clondalkin Breviary, folios 79-84v: Calendar, with grading Public Deposited

Clondalkin Breviary, folios 79-84v: Calendar, with grading

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  • Calendar, with grading
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  • IE TCD MS 78 ; former shelf marks Lyon: B.1.3; Bernard: 581; Foley: E.5; c1670: E.1.8; Ussher: DDD.7
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  • 1450-1499
  • Clondalkin Breviary. Folios 79-84v: Calendar, with grading, holy days entered in red or black. Among the entries in red: Brigide (79v); Kerani, Patricii (80); Transfiguratio domini, Festum de nomine Ihesu (82v); Kannici … maius duplex cum memoria subsilenti de sancto (83v). Among the entries in black: Monochi, Beri, (Fintani erased), Munne (79v); Magri, Mokini, Scenani, Liberii, Gemani, Lactani (80); Laceriani (80v); Brandani (81); Sancti Keuini… duplex festum per constit(utiones) Dubli(nenses), Translacio sanctorum Patricii Columbe et Brigide, Molyng (81v); Donati, Michee, Magni, Aidani (82v); Maculini (83); Begnete, Bricii, Laurencii Othohil archiepiscopi Dubl’ duplex festum, Machuti (84); Finiani (84v). Not a few feasts are said to be ‘per constitutiones’: e.g. Dominic (82v), Maculinus (83), Francis (83v), Martin, Clement, Catherine (84). Calendar verses (ed. J. Hennig in Traditio 11 [1955] 84; H. Walther, 'Initia Carminum Ac Versuum Medii Aeui Posterioris Latinorum', Carmina Medii Aeui Posterioris Latina 1, (Göttingen, 1959), with supplement (Göttingen, 1969), 14563), a verse to a page: Prima dies mensis et septima truncat ut ensis - denus et anguis. ‘Pape’ is erased in the entries for Leo (81v), Stephen (82v), Calixtus (83v), Clement, Linus (84), Silvester (84v). Additions (those on 82v and 84v are 15th century, the others are 16th century):-- 79v. The v day of february 1575 Bell loke did handfast wyllam whoran.-- 80. (a) Kelani episcopi et conf.; (b) Sancti Thoma; (c) Sancti Nessani episcopi et confessoris abbatis ix lc.; (d) Sancte Melle virginis ix lc.; (e) Finani episcopi et confessoris ix lc.-- 81v. (a) Sainte barnabe apostell is ???; (b) Sancte Al(um?)ne virginis non mart. ix lc.-- 82v. (a) Sancti Macoti episcopi ix lc. memoria de.; (b) Sancti Audoeni episcopi ix lc.-- 83v. Obitus Nicolayi Veston curati huius ecclesie anno Christi m’o d lvi’o, cuius anime propicietur deus ame (!) misi maol rebia.-- 84v. Sancti Magnani episcopi ix lc. [this saint is especially associated with Kilmainham].Inscriptions: -- 79 has (a) 'Ihesus 1558,' (b) 'Williamus-- 79v has (a) 'Be it knowen to all men be thes present that I Williame gibbons of clandalkan in the county,' (b) 'By me william/gibons,' (c) 'John bath.' -- 80 has 'William.'-- 80v has 'Itim (!) paied to John Gibbons of clandalcanne in the / conty of Dublin.'
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  • ink
  • colored ink
  • calf (leather)
  • parchment (animal material)
  • irish
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  • MS78_167
  • 0152223


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