Isaiah palimpsest. IE TCD MS 28/2

Isaiah palimpsest. IE TCD MS 28/2

Alternative title
  • Palimpsest fragment of Isaiah and Patristic Miscellany
Shelf Mark/Reference Number
  • IE TCD MS 28/2
Rights statement
  • Copyright The Board of Trinity College Dublin. Images are available for single-use academic application only. Publication, transmission or display is prohibited without formal written approval of the Library of Trinity College, Dublin.
Publisher location
  • Place of creation unidentified
Date Created
  • End of 11th century or beginning of 12th century, re-using 5th or 6th century leaves
Physical extent
  • 4 bifolia on modern paper supports
  • 35mm x 26mm
  • IE TCD MS 28/2, Isaiah palimpsest, 11th/12th centuries. Physical characteristics Materials: Parchment, dark yellow/brown, palimpsest sheets. Foliation: each bifolium is numbered in pencil as 1a-1b, 2a-2b, 3a-3b, 4a-4b, each number written twice on the upper and lower right-hand corners of rectos and left-hand corners of versos; as the upper half of the page contains one text, continuing on the verso of the upper half, while the text on the lower half begins on the verso and continues on the recto, I will distinguish the pages as follows: 1a upper; 1a lower = recto; 1b upper, 1b lower = verso and so on. Collation: the sheets are tipped onto paper supports and displayed according to the lower writing. Number of hands: one for the lower and one for the upper texts. Inks: light brown ink for the ancient writing; dark brown ink for the 11/12th-century script. Style of script: biblical majuscule for the lower text, letter height of c. 4 mm., a few letters visible, slightly enlarged, outside the vertical justification; rigid minuscule for the upper text. Page layout: palimpsest lower text is written in two cols, 37/38 ll./p.; each col. measures approximately 230 x 85 mm., so that the writing juts out into the upper and lower margins of the upper script, but not in the outer ones; upper text : the ancient sheet was folded in half to be overwritten and ruled anew with two verticals for the margins, and 32 horizontal lines for the text ; text block: 165 x 110. Ruling: Leroy type ruling system. Prickings: small slits clearly visible on folio 1a upper, upper margin and 2a lower, lower margin. Measurements: 290 x 202 for the ancient folios; 206 x 145 for the new folios. Marginalia: Scribal ‘semeion’ signs in margin of upper text. Decoration: Folio 1a: simple headband drawn in ink of text, measuring 20 x 105 mm., with undulating and vegetable motifs. Binding: Modern binding in brown leather decorated with rosettes at the four corners; pastedowns in blue marbled paper; modern paper supports, without watermarks. Description by Dr. Barbara Crostini (2010; updated 2023; full description attached below in downloadable PDF form).
  • ‘No. 28’ and former shelfmark ‘K. 3. 4a’ in pencil on recto of first flyleaf.
  • Related material: IE TCD MS 28/2; IE TCD MS 32.
  • These leaves were unbound and extracted from IE TCD MS 28 between 1880 and 1886.
  • Provenance: unknown; pre-1787: Trinity College Dublin
Resource type
  • ink
  • leather
  • Greek
Digital Object Id
  • MS28-2_01
  • 0031707


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