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Book of hymns and poetry

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  • IE TCD MS 6181
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  • end 1878
  • start 1833
  • IE TCD MS 6181 is a book of hymns and poetry from the collection of material brought together by Edward Stephens (1888-1955) for his projected biography of his uncle John Millington Synge. It contains original hymns and poems by Julia (Sue) MacLeod, née Synge, wife of Angus MacLeod. Contents: Fol 1r : Original Hymns & Poems by Julia Synge. --Fol 1v : Blank. --Fol 2r : 'Oh! how I long to be gone ...' June, 1833' Weep not for me, my brethren dear ...' 20th April 1834. --Fol 2v : 'Hark! The Archangel's trumpet's sound! ...' 24th April, 1834 --Fol 3r : 'This is the day that Christ was born ...' 4th May, 1834'Come, let us all unite our song ...' 4th May, 1834 --Fol 3v : It is finished; 'It is finished, hear him cry ...', May 11 1834 --Fol 4r : The world passeth away; 'Oh! thou great and glorious Sun ...'And the delights thereof; 'The joys of this world are fading away ...' --Fol 4v : 'Beloved friend a short farewell ...' --Fol 5r : Help Lord; 'In this world we strangers are ...' 20th September 1835 --Fol 5v : Thou shalt guide me with they counsel & after I reveive me glory; 'Guide me Father by thine hand ...' 13th December 1835 --Fol 6r : No man, save Jesus only; 'In every sorrow here below ...' 3rd July, 1836, Kilkemmin --Fol 6v : 'As quickly through the land I fly ...' July 1836, in the coach. --Fol 7r : On the death of Lady Powerscourt; 'Farewell, thou dear beloved one ...' 4th January 1837, Dear Lady P. was buried --Fol 7v : Isaiah XXI 1.2. Watchman, what of the night; 'Behold! on Judah's tower ...', February 1837 --Fol 8r : Watchman, what of the night continues. --Fol 8v : 'No mansion in this world to me ...' 3rd November, 1847Midnight; 'Though now I seem alone ...' 8th November, 1847 --Fol 9r : Blank --Fol 9v : The Martyr of Madagascar; 'Rafaravay, how happy art thou ...' August 1837 --Fol 10r : 'Farewell our friend, dear minister of God ...' --Fol 10v : Psalm III; 'Lord, tho' my foes are all around ...' --Fol 11r : 'Hark! that solemn, sudden cry ...' --Fol 11v : 'When by affliction's hand laid low...' 8th June, 1842 --Fol 12r : On the death of Albert Hamilton at Benmore by drowning; 'Alas! it was a sudden strike ...' --Fol 12v : continued --Fol 13r : Disappointment; 'If 'tis thy will it should be so ...' --Fol 13v : 'Let earthly storms blow as they will ...' --Fol 14r : Fear not, for I am with thee; 'Be hush'd my weak distrustful soul ...' --Fol 14v : The Lord stood with me and strengthened me II Tim IV 17-18; 'When Paul stood forth in Jesu's name ...' July 1843 --Fol 15r : 'To live is Christ to die is pain' --Fol 15v : Psalm CIII; 'Oh! bless the Lord, exalt His fame ...' 26th January, 1844 --Fol 16r : Psalm CIII continued. --Fol 16v : Psalm XCVIII; 'Sing to the Lord a new made song ...' --Fol 17r : The Butterfly and the Bee; 'Hast thou seen, my child, in the sunny hour ...' 29th March, 1845 --Fol 17v : This is not your rest; 'When to our vision all looks bright ...' 1st June, 1845. --Fol 18r : This is not your rest continued. --Fol 18v : 'Now I've to pass this desert dream ...' --Fol 19r : 'When earthly friends fail one by one ...' --Fol 19v : Not death, but everlasting life through Jesus Christ my Lord; 'Of death, dread death! I've often heard ...' 3rd August 1845, Author attributes it to the last words of Reverend Th. Bearley --Fol 20r : Not death, but everlasting life through Jesus Christ my Lord continued. --Fol 20v : Last piece of Not death, but everlasting life through Jesus Christ my Lord; 'To me to live is Christ to die is pain ...' --Fol 21r : 'There is a bright region beyond the sky ...' --Fol 21v : 'Arrayed in white robes & a palm in their hand ...' --Fol 22r : Sunset between Ross and Hereford; 'At sunset I love to watch the bright day ...' 8th June, 1846 --Fol 22v : Blank --Fol 23r : 'Kennilworth Castle'; 'And is it so - my feet have pressed the sod ...' 25th June, 1846, topped with drawing of the castle --Fol 23v : 'Kennilworth Castle' continued --Fol 24r : When, where and how shall we meet again? ; 'Ah! When my friend shall we meet again ...' 5th July, 1846, Leylands --Fol 24v : 'A trifling gift yet meaning I convey ...' September, 1846, to a 'J.H.' on his wedding day. --Fol 25r : 'Linger my friend - your steps delay ...' 1847, on the sight of Powerscort house on the Dargle --Fol 25v : Psalm LXXXIV; 'Oh Lord of Hosts! my soul doth love ...' 1846 --Fol 26r : 'Again we're called to touch the chord ...' 25th December, 1846, Death of Hon. W. A. Stuart. --Fol 26v : Blank --Fol 27r : 'And is it so! and how the summons really come ...' 1847, death of Rev. A. Sillery --Fol 27v : 'They sleep, they sleep together sleep ...' 1848 --Fol 28r : 'Oh glorious Resurrection! Who can tell ...' --Fol 28v : Continuation of above --Fol 29r : Blank --Fol 29v : 'Disturbed & broken was my sleep ...' --Fol 30r : 'As I had seen him pass the eve ...' --Fol 30v : 'Yes Lord I know - I turn my eye ...' November 1857, Shannon --Fol 31r : 'Here Lord I lift my soul to Thee ...' 9th October, 1852, thoughts on Killiney Shore, before breakfast. --Fol 31v : Newbold Churchyard near Rugby; 'There is a happy rest ...', December 31st 1852 --Fol 32r : 'Ah! Happy sufferer! removed ...' March 1854, on the death of dean Adelaide L. Newton --Fol 32v : Sea Pieces; 'The vessel lay moored at the harbour mouth ...' 4th January, 1863 --Fol 33r : Away; 'Our days are expired on this distant shore ...' 7th January 1863 --Fol 33v : The Little Steamer "Willing-mind" ; 'I watched the little steamer go forward on its way ...' January 1863, Queenstown --Fol 34r : A bright sunny morning before breakfast; 'Three sailors push'd their bark from land ...' 6th February, 1864, Queenstown --Fol 34v : Farewell to Patience "We have need of patience" ; 'Farewell sweet Patience - gentle handmaid now ...' 24th January, 1864, Queenstown --Fol 35 : Both recto and verso are blank, except for foliation of '35' --Fol 36r : Sunset on Penmaen Mawr; 'Those golden was of glory bright ...', topped with an illustration, 1st October 1869 --Fol 36v : Sunset on Penmaen Mawr continued --Fol 37r : 'See you yon white & low built cot ...', topped with a drawing of a cottage, 13th October 1869 --Fol 37v : 'See you yon white & low built cot ...' continued --Fol 38r : Christmas; 'The Son of God came down to earth ...' 25th December 1869, Dover --Fol 38v : Christmas continued --Fol 39r: Christmas concluded--Fol 39v : Your fathers where are they? ; 'Come to the spirit land ...' 12th December 1869, Hastings --Fol 40r : Your fathers where are they? Continued --Fol 40v : Your fathers where are they? Concluded --Fol 41r : Being let go, they went to their own company; 'Let go! 'tis the mariner's word ...' 19th December 1869, Dover --Fol 41v : Being let go, they went to their own company continued --Fol 42r : Run with patience; 'Who ever heard of such a race ...' --Fol 42v : Isaih IX; 'Unto us a child is born ...' --Fol 43r : Isaih IX continued --Fol 43v : Blank --Fol 44r : ' "With me in Paradise" the Saviour said ...' Good Friday 29th March 1872. Also contains a series of names and dates of deaths --Fol 44v : Blank --Fol 45r : 'The toils of our journey are nearly o'er ...' 31st December, 1876, Liverpool to Dover --Fol 45v : 'Last year we gorged to catch ...', 1878, Marina Douglas James (?) --Fol 46r : 'Last year we gorged to catch ...' continued --Fol 46v : Blank --Fol 47r : Blank --Fol 47v - Fol49v : A Fragment; 'Behold, at the Celestial Gate ...', displayed upside-down, from the book's end back towards its beginning. --Fol 50 : Both recto and verson are blank, except for the foliation '50' Ireland - women's poetry - 19th century Female spirituality. See the Manuscripts & Archives Research Library’s catalogue entry here:
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  • Stephens-Synge Collection
  • Part of the collection of material brought together by Edward Stephens (1888-1955) for his projected biography of his uncle. John Millington Synge
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  • paper (fiber product)
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