Examination Records, 1750-1770: folio 51 to 75v Public Deposited

Examination Records, 1750-1770: folio 51 to 75v

Alternative title
  • Examination returns 1750-1770 and miscellaneous documents
  • Examination returns and miscellaneous information
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  • IE TCD MUN V 27/2
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  • Copyright The Board of Trinity College Dublin. Images are available for single-use academic application only. Publication, transmission or display is prohibited without formal written approval of the Library of Trinity College, Dublin.
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  • Trinity College Dublin examination returns and miscellaneous information (eg set books, subjects for speeches, compositions in Latin and English verse, admissions lists, names of persons censured or commended, winners of premiums, marks given in examinations), c1750-1770. Contains at the end of the book entrance records/admissions 9 July 1750 - 7 July 1770 (which should have been in MUN/V/23/3 or 4) ; contains also list of persons cautioned, censured or commended for good attendance, those awarded premiums, Michaelmas term 1750 - Michaelmas term 1794 and marks at examinations (until Michaelmas 1770 only, thereafter diligence or otherwise in attendance at lectures); at the beginning a list of set books; at the end a list of schoolmasters recommending courses of study and notifying dates for entrance examinations 1759. Some Latin abbreviations used for grading or marks: B = bene; VB = valde bene; S = satis; V = valde; in omnibus = in all [all examined subjects]; Prem = premium; Sci = science. Classics may be abbreviated as Cl, etc. Note: folios 196r through 222v are noted on the bottom verso.
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  • Archives of Trinity College Dublin
  • ink
  • leather
  • Irish
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  • MUN-V-27-2_103
  • 0120343X


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