The political-banditti assailing the saviour of India Public Deposited

The political-banditti assailing the saviour of India

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  • issued 11-05-1786
  • British Museum No. 6955“Hastings, in oriental dress, rides (r. to l.) a camel. He and the camel look down with dignified contempt at Burke (l.), who fires a blunderbuss pointblank at the Shield of Honour on Hastings's l. arm. On the shield is a crown. Behind Hastings are Fox and North (r.): Fox raises a dagger with burlesqued gestures and an expression of frenzied rage; North, very short and fat, clutches one of the bags behind Hastings inscribed Lacks Rupees added to the Revenue; this is tied to another inscribed Rupees Do. The three assailants are much caricatured and all wear armour; Burke, grotesquely, thin and like some malignant insect, wears a Jesuit's biretta (cf. No. 6oz6). He somewhat resembles the Don Quixote ... a wallet of Charges is slung across his shoulder, bare feet project from the greaves which cover his legs. North wears his Garter ribbon over his armour, with a feathered helmet and top-boots. The point of a large sabre with a damaged blade projects through the tattered scabbard which is inscribed American Subjugation. Fox wears the cloak of a conspirator over his armour. Hastings (not caricatured) wears a jewelled turban, floating draperies, trousers, and slippers; his camel is heavily draped. On its back are bags, inscribed Saved to the Company and Eastern Gems for the British Crown, with a rolled map, Territories acquired by W. Hastings. The background is a mountainous landscape.” (Source: George)
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  • Robinson Collection of Caricatures
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  • Robinson Collection of Caricatures
  • Presented to the Library of Trinity College Dublin in 1996 by Nicholas K. Robinson.
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  • Irish
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