Tread Mill or Stage struck heroes Black legs & Cadgers stepping it to the Tune of Mill Mill O Public Deposited

Tread Mill or Stage struck heroes Black legs & Cadgers stepping it to the Tune of Mill Mill O

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  • Nassau Street, Dublin
  • Ireland
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  • issued -11-1822
  • [After British Museum No. 14403]“Prisoners on a treadmill, the wheel (normally boarded over) on the r., the steps receding slightly in perspective from r. to 1. A jailer, smartly dressed, and wearing top-hat and top-boots, lashes one of them with a scourge. A negro at the extreme 1. of the steps looks at him over his shoulder with a grin, saying, Go it my Tulip The next man wears quasi-fashionable dress.The next is an actor, in (ragged) Spanish costume ; he says : This is the worst Stage I ever acted on, O! that I could exit O P or P S. The jailer says: / say do you call that Acting your part? If you don’t move your pins quicker, I’ll soon make you. The next is a tattered coat-less dandy ; he has slipped backwards on his knee, and says : I’ve Milled many a Charley in my time, but now I'm Miled myself. The next is a card-sharper or 'Greek'; on his coat are large diamonds and hearts, his head is formed of a (trefoil) club. From his pocket issues a label: Lost the Game by Tricks; he says: / have Trick' d many, but I am Trick'd at last, the Duce take them. A woman : This Roundabout is the Devil all over, I’d rather be in Shore Ditch. I'll quit the Stage. A ragged quasi-fashionable, with pocket inside out, says: This d — n'd Tread- Mill is worse than Milling Doll in Bride- well. On the r. a dejected group wait their turn. A man in fur cap and striped jersey sits with folded arms, saying, I wish the fellow who invented this Infernal Machine was made a Cubit shorter. Next him sits a woman of St. Giles's type, wearing a soldier's tunic; she says: / wishes I had never a Leg to walk with, A battered-looking rake standing behind them says: These Steps of Reform are the worst Steps I ever took. I wish I could step out.” (Source: George)
Collection title
  • Robinson Collection of Caricatures
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  • Robinson Collection of Caricatures
  • Presented to the Library of Trinity College Dublin in 1996 by Nicholas K. Robinson.
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  • ink
  • paper (fiber product)
  • Irish
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  • OLS-CARI-ROB_0663
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