Psalter. IE TCD MS 92 Public Deposited

Psalter. IE TCD MS 92

Alternative title
  • Illuminated Psalter and Book of Hours
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  • IE TCD MS 92 ; former shelf marks: Lyon: B.3.2, Bernard: 665, Foley: [C.18], c1670: [C.1.23]
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  • Copyright The Board of Trinity College Dublin. Images are available for single-use academic application only. Publication, transmission or display is prohibited without formal written approval of the Library of Trinity College, Dublin.
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Date Created
  • circa - -1350-1399
  • IE TCD MS 92, a fine illuminated Psalter and Book of Hours, written in a single hand and made for the Wingfield family in the fourteenth century. Folios 1-96v: Psalter:-- Folios 1rv. Selection from psalter.-- Folios 2-5v. Penitential Psalm, with antiphons.-- Folios 5v-9v. Litany and prayers. Litany includes: Alban, Oswald, Edward, Edmund, Columban, Botulph, Dunstan (on 7); Brigid, Sexburga, Frideswide, (7v). -- Folios 10rv. Pss. 39-40, ends imperf. at end of Ps. 40.2. Antiphon at the end of Ps. 39.-- Folios 11rv, 13-90 (by misbinding). The Psalms.-- Folios 12rv (by misbinding). Services, fragment, including service for tierce with headings for hymn and antiphon and with Pss. 119-121.-- Folios 90-96v. (7) Canticles. Decoration is not of best quality, but is vigorous and abounds in fantasy. Full borders and partial borders with foliage, sometimes also with buds, interlace, and/or gold discs, are in gold and colours. Initials are in colours on gold (often patterned), with interlace, foliage, drollery, or historiation in colours (gold also in the historiations); other initials blue or gold, with red or violet or lavender flourishes; capitals marked with yellow. Line-fillers in blue and gold. Borders are sometimes inhabited by a droll creature. 18th-century binding was removed by the Library's Preservation and Conservation Department and replaced with a non-adhesive conservation binding. 18th-century binding was executed for the College in 1741-1744 by the shop of John Exshaw of Dublin in speckled calf. For further information please see the entry for the original manuscript in the Manuscripts & Archives Research Library catalogue:
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  • colored ink
  • ink
  • calf (leather)
  • vellum (parchment)
  • English
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  • MS92_001
  • 0138668


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