Tour journal of John Synge, of Glanmore, Co. Wicklow Poiblí Deposited

Tour journal of John Synge, of Glanmore, Co. Wicklow

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  • IE TCD MS 6205
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  • start 1812
  • end 1814
  • IE TCD MS 6205 is a tour journal to Portugal and Spain kept by John 'Pestalozzi' Synge (1788-1845), son of Francis, M.P; grandfather of playwright John Millington Synge. He owned an estate in Wicklow which included Glanmore Castle and Roundwood Park, but which declined in success and were sold in the mid-19th century. He married Isabella, daughter of Hugh Hamilton, founder member of the Royal Irish Academy. Synge was an early patron of the Plymouth Brethren. He gained his nickname from his adherence to the educational theories of the Swiss educator Johann Heinrich Pestalozzi (1746-1827). This item is part of the collection of material brought together by Edward Stephens (1888-1955) for his projected biography of his uncle John Millington Synge. Contents: --Fol 1r : 31st October 1812, leaves Dublin for Holyhead. 20th November, --Folio ends, delayed sailing for Lisbon, remained in Falmouth. ----Fol 2r : 1st December, left Falmouth for Lisbon.--Fol 3r : 1st December, stated that voyage to Lisbon was on board H.M.P. Prince Cornet, under Captain Peters.2nd December, began chart of knots, fathoms, course and prevailing winds, --Folio ends after this.--Fol 4r : 2nd December 1812, began recording distance travelled per day, starts at 19 1/2 miles3rd December 1812, continued record of distance travelled per day, also begins recording latitude, 73 miles, 48.24 North7th December 1812, --Folio ends finished record of distance travelled per day and latitude, finishes at 62 miles, 46.9 North--Fol 5r : 14th December, arrives at Lisbon at 4p,m.16th December, recorded dining with 'Marshal Beresford': this is General William Carr Beresford, a British general who became Commander-in-Chief of the Portuguese army.31st December, --Folio ends, remained in Lisbon, all mornings employed in 'learning the language'.--Fol 6r : 31st December, went to the church of St Salvador to hear nuns of St Clara singing16th December, --Folio ends, recorded seeing Marquis Wellington landing in state--Fol 7r : Page of information on Lisbon and places on interest within it, including the palace of the Inquisition.--Fol 8r : Information on Lisbon continues, also recording Charitable institutions--Fol 9r : Information on Lisbon continues, noting public walks and 'Environs'.--Fol 10r : A description of the town of Porto, ends with a discussion of brandy merchants' efforts to ensure fixed prices.--Fol 10v : Description of Porto continues, discusses wine trade.--Fol 11r : Writing in Portuguese--Fol 12r : 9th February 1813, left Lisbon to tour the country with friends.10th February, recto ends, prepared quarters for guests.--Fol 12v : 10th February, recounted amusement of Portuguese at his attempts to speak Portuguese.11th February, verso ends, surveyed pleasure grounds.--Fol 13r : 11th February, continued previous --Folio's description of pleasure grounds.15th February, recto ends, travelled towards Centro--Fol 13v : 15th February (ctd), account of a Moorish castle.23rd February, verso ends, travelled to visit Convento de Liege.--Fol 14r : 23rd February (ctd), continued description of the convent.27th February, recto ends, recounted ride with the Marshall (Beresford?) to the Sierra.--Fol 14v : 1st March, left Centro.3rd-6th March, verso ends, Lent.--Fol 15r : 7th March, left Lisbon to tour Northern Portugal in company with Saunderson and Priest Fernando (illegible).9th March, recto ends, travelled to Mafra.--Fol 15v : 9th March (ctd), continued description of buildings of Mafra.11th March, verso ends, breakfasted with the Mayor of Mafra.--Fol 16r : 11th March (ctd), described defences of Mafra.14th March, recto ends, surveyed military positions at Fiorto Grande.--Fol 16v : 14th March (ctd), continued description of military positions.17th March, verso ends, travelled from Peno hegio via Torres Vedras, arrived at Bombarral.--Fol 17r : 17th March (ctd.), described destruction of Bombarral by French after Battle of Rolica.19th March, recto ends, travelled from Bombarral to Vimeiro to see the battlefield. Described battle.--Fol 17v : 19th March (ctd), continuation of the battle description.21st March, verso ends, travelled to see the warm baths at Caldas--Fol 18r : 21st March (ctd), continuation of description of Caldas and baths.22nd March, recto ends, described baths of Obidos, and its destruction by the French.--Fol 18v : 22nd March (ctd), continuation of description of Obidos' capture and destruction by the French.23rd Mard, verso ends, visit to Nazaré.--Fol 19r : 24th March, description of friars.25th March, recto ends, travelled to Batalha.--Fol 19v : 25th March (ctd), description of Batalha.28th March, verso ends, travelled to Coimbra.--Fol 20r : 29th March, description of the University of Coimbra.31st March, recto ends, description of grace of 'Frey de Castro'.--Fol 20v : 31st March (ctd), verso ends description of the University Observatory and other places of interest.--Fol 21r : 31st March (ctd), continuation of above description.1st April, recto ends, travelled to view the battlefield of Busaco, includes descriptions of skeletons.--Fol 21v : 2nd April, began journey to Aveiro3rd April, verso ends, travelled by barque to Ovar, description of lake, saltpans etc.--Fol 22r : 4th April, travelled to Oporto, description of 'wildest' scenery , entered Villa Nova.23rd April, end of recto, description of the Monks of St Benedict at Santa Tirca.--Fol 22v : 23rd April (ctd), description of River Ovo.24th April, end of verso, travelled to Guimarens.--Fol 23r : 24th April (ctd), continuation of description of Guimarens.26th April, end of recto, sojourn at convent on journey to Bouro, spent the day 'rambling'.--Fol 23v : 27th April, remained at convent owing to bad weather.30th April, end of verso, passed through Salamonde, stayed at Ruivaes where viewed Ponto de Miserella.--Fol 24r : 30th April (ctd), continuation of description.2nd May, end of recto, viewed Cathedral in Braga, copied Latin inscriptions from Roman milestones.--Fol 24v : 2nd May (ctd), continuation of the description of sights around Braga.5th May, end of verso, viewed the walls and Cathedral of Valencia.--Fol 25r : 5th May (ctd), description of the beach at Valencia.7th May, end of recto, left El Padlon for St Pago.--Fol 25v : 7th May (ctd), visited and described the Shrine of St James of Compostella.--Fol 26r : 8th May, Visited and described the Inquisition, including the Grand Tribunal and a list of banned books Also, includes mention of a Jew 'having suffered at an Auto da Fe within the last 60 years).--Fol 26v : Description of the Inquisition dungeons, copies of material written on dungeon walls.--Fol 27r : 8th May (ctd) Visited the convent of St Martinho.10th May, recto ends, visited sites in Santiago de Compostella, including a seminary, the Hospital and a military academy--Fol 27v : 11th May, travelled to Coruna.12th May, went to see the tomb of Sir John Moore, the victor of the Battle of Coruna.13th May, verso ends, examined signs of Sir John Moore's retreat to Coruna.--Fol 28r : 14th May, travelled to Monforte by Puente.15th May, recto ends, continued to travel to Monforte, stayed the night with a Don Ramont Balcancel--Fol 28v : 16th May, stopped at the Benedictine Convent of St Estaban.17th May, verso ends, remained at the convent.--Fol 29r : 17th May (ctd), travelled to a village named Ponte Pedirnha, remained there overnight.18th May, recto ends, left village and travelled to the Convent of Osera.--Fol 29v : 18th May (ctd), described the convent, travelled to Nenn.19th May, verso ends, spent the day at Nenn, described some of the sights, such as the bridge and its dimensions.--Fol 30r : 20th May, departed for Cela Nova, arrived at the Convent of Cela Nova and viewed the Castle of Villa Nova '1/2 a league distant'.21st May, recto ends, travelled on to Monterey, stopped for the night at Jingos.--Fol 30v : 22nd May, arrived in Monterey, were unable to lodge in Benedictine convents as these were full of Spanish troops, so lodged with an apothecary friar.23rd May, verso ends, began journey to Montalegre, arrived at Villa Mayor de Gironde.--Fol 31r : 23rd May (ctd), crossed the frontier into Portugal and arrived at Montalegre.24th May, recto ends travelled to Thourem, then travelled through Gallicia towards Lobios.--Fol 31v : 24th May (ctd), arrived at Lobios, where the Justicia accused them of being English or French deserters.25th May, end of verso, departed for Lindoso fort.--Fol 32r : 25th May (ctd), halted overnight at a village called St Martinho.27th May, end of recto, viewed the castle at Ponte de Lima.--Fol 32v : 27th May (ctd), viewed convents in and about Vianna (Viana).28th May, verso ends, viewed Palace of Braganza, copied inscription in Latin.--Fol 33r : 28th May (ctd), left for Villa de Conde and arrived after four days.29th May, recto ends, viewed the Great Convent of Franciscan nuns, then departed for Oporto.--Fol 33v : Pencil sketch, possibly of the Convent.--Fol 34r : 1st January 1814, viewed Pardo Palace (so near Madrid).5th January, recto ends, viewed the return of the Spanish government to Madrid.--Fol 34v : 7th January, viewed models of artillery and fortifications.15th January, attended the opening of the Cortes.18th January, verso ends, attended the Cortes again.--Fol 35r : 18th January (ctd), described the Cortes.19th January, dine with Sir Arthur Wellesley (Duke of Wellington).22nd January, recto ends, visited Pardo Palace again, and attended the Carnival at V. Mihors.--Fol 35v : 23rd January, 'bad weather and no occupation worthy of note', still in Madrid.27th January, verso ends, attended a ball hosted by the Duke of Wellinton, still in Madrid.--Fol 36r : 27th January (ctd), continued description of the ball.2nd March, --Folio ends, Synge's watch stolen, attempted to recover it, still in Madrid.--Fol 37r : 24th March, went to view the paintings of Goya and other works, then went to the Red de St Luis to view the collextion of Dr Pablo Rico, still in Madrid.28th March, recto ends, travelled to Aleala de Henau, stayed in Collegio del Rey--Fol 37v : 29th March, only verso entry, viewed the College of St Adefonso, the Convent of St Diego, and other sites around Aleala de Henau.--Fol 38r: 30th March, only recto entry, travelled to Guadalajara, where viewed the Palace of the Dukes of Infantado, the Pantheon of the family on the Monastery of St Francisco, and othersites.--Fol 38v : elaborate illustration, end of diary. 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  • Stephens-Synge Collection
  • Part of the collection of material brought together by Edward Stephens (1888-1955) for his projected biography of his uncle. John Millington Synge
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