Dublin of the future: the new town plan, being the scheme awarded the first prize in the international competition Öffentlichkeit Deposited

Dublin of the future: the new town plan, being the scheme awarded the first prize in the international competition

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  • issued 1922
  • Dublin of the future: the new town plan, being the scheme awarded the first prize in the international competition. By Patrick Abercrombie, M.A., A.R.I.B.A., Sydney Kelly F.S.I. and Arthur Kelly. Published: Liverpool: The University Press of Liverpool and London: Hodder and Stoughton Limited. 1923. Printed: Dublin: Browne and Nolan, Ltd. Illustrations include a full-page frontispiece by Harry Clarke. List of Map and Plates: Map 1. Periods of Execution in three degrees of urgency – Page 16. Map 2. Tram System – Page 16. Map 3. Railway System – Page 16. Map 4. Zoning Plan – Page 35. Map 5. Park System and Public Buildings – Page 41. Frontispiece. The Last Hour of the night (by Harry Clarke). Plate I. O’Connell Street before destruction – Page ix. Plate II. O’Connell Street and the Parnell Monument – Page x. Plate III. Bombarded Area in 1916 and 1922 – Page x. Plate IV. O’Connell Street as destroyed in 1916 and rebuilt in 1921 – Page x. Plate V. Plan of General development of inner area – Page 3. Plate VI. Bird’s-eye view of the surrounding region – Page 4. Plate VII. The Four Courts – Page 4. Plate VIII. The Custom House and Royal Exchange in 1791 – Page 4. Plate IX. Regional development plan – Page 5. Plate X. The Custom House before destruction – Page 6. Plate XI. The Custom House Crescent and Riverside Section – Page 7. Plate XII. Diagrams of roads and waterways – Page 8. Plate XIII. Mediaeval Dublin – Page 8. Plate XIV. Dublin in 1780 – Page 8.Plate XV. Dublin in 1836 – Page 8.Plate XVI. Dublin as it is at present – Page 10-11. Plate XVII. Dublin as proposed – Page 10-11. Plate XVIII. Improvements to radial No. 2 – Page 11. Plate XIX. Improvements to radial No. 2 (Glasnevin) – Page 11. Plate XX. Cross-sections of roads – Page 14. Plate XXI. Traffic Centre and Power Citadel – Page 15. Plate XXII. Accessibility plan of the region – Page 19. Plate XXIII. Ward survey: acreage: ratable value and density – Page 21. Plate XXIV. Townsend Street flats – Page 24. Plate XXV. Suburban planning off Cabra Avenue – Page 30. Plate XXVI. The remodelled central area – Page 36. Plate XXVII. The remodelled central area: period plan – Page 36. Plate XXVIII. Central improvements superimposed on exiting plan – Page 36. Plate XXIX. Central area: derelict sites and tenements – Page 36. Plate XXX. Parliament House and site for administrative offices - Page 38. Plate XXXI. Proposed campanile for the cathedral – Page 38. Plate XXXII. Cathedral site and Wellington Obelisk – Page38. Plate XXXIII. National Theatre and remodelling at the top of O’Connell Street – Page 38. Plate XXXIV. Open spaces: as present and as proposed – Page41. Plate XXXV. Mountjoy Square as a playground – Page 43. Plate XXXVI. The North Bull Park and the Tolka Parkway – Page 46. Plate XXXVII. City of Dublin new town plan – Page 48.
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