Lives of saints, prophecies, etc. IE TCD MS 172 Public Deposited

Lives of saints, prophecies, etc. IE TCD MS 172

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  • IE TCD MS 172 ; former shelf marks: Lyon: B.2.7 ; Bernard: 794 ; Foley: E.12 ; c1670: X.1.3 ; Ussher: III.9
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  • Copyright The Board of Trinity College Dublin. Images are available for single-use academic application only. Publication, transmission or display is prohibited without formal written approval of the Library of Trinity College, Dublin.
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Date Created
  • circa 1300-1399
  • IE TCD MS 172: Lives of saints, prophecies, etc. in Latin.Comprised of 3 distinct parts:(A)--Page 2: Aelredus Rieuallensis, Vita S. Edwardi Regis Et Confessoris.--Page 3: Missa De Beata Maria In Sabbato: Missa de beata Maria in sabbato. Quod de beata Maria sequenti sabbato missa canatur, inde inicium habuit quod olim Constantinopoli in quadam ecclesia erat ymago beate uirginis - in carnem conuersus est. Reports miracles.--Pages 3-5: Vita S. Edmundi Rich.--Pages 5: Vita S. Hugonis Lincolniensis.Page 7: List of contents of (B) in the codex.(B)--Pages 9-20: Iohannes Saresberiensis, Vita S. Thomae Cantuariensis.--Pages 21-64: Aelredus Rieuallensis, Vita S. Edwardi Regis Et Confessoris.--Pages 64-84: Aelredus Rieuallensis, De Genealogia Regum Angliae Et Regis Dauid Scotiae.--Pages 84-194: Galfridus Monemutensis, Historia Regum Britanniae.--Pages 195-205: Abbo Floriacensis, Passio S. Eadmundi.--Pages 205-226: Samson abbot of Bury S. Edmund, Miracula S. Eadmundi.--Pages 226-230: Inuentio Cum Translatione S. Ragenerii.--Pages 230-239: Burghardus, Passio S. Freemundi, with Berinus, Inuentio S. Freemundi.--Pages 239-243: Vita S. Rumwoldi.--Pages 243-252: Beda, Historia Ecclesiastica.--Pages 253-259: Gocelinus, Vita S. Werburgae.--Pages 259-264: Thomas Eliensis, Vita S. Aetheldrethae.--Pages 264-275: [Thomas Eliensis?], Miracula S. Aetheldrethae .--Pages 276-288: Gocelinus, Vita S. Mildrethae.--Pages 289-308: Petrus Blesensis, Vita S. Guthlaci.--Pages 308-316: [Petrus Blesensis?], Translatio S. Guthlaci.--Pages 317-334: Dominicus Eueshamensis, Vita S. Egwini.--Pages 334-343: Vita S. Vulganii.--Pages 345-398: Legenda S. Honorati (C)--Page 401: Willelmus De Nangiaco, Chronicon .--Page 402: Discussion, in French, of history and prophecy. ‘Gildas’, Prophecy.--Page 403: Title for following series of prophecies: Iste sunt prophetie diuerse de diuersis prophate de sexto Hibernie qui uocatur dominus.--Page 403: Hermerus’, Prophecy.--Page 403: ‘Alanus sompniator’, Versus Per Quos Cognoscitur Sextus Hibernie.--Page 403: Versus Vaticinales De Normannia De Sexto.--Page 403: Gildas’, Versus Per Quantum Tempus Regnabit Sextus.--Page 403-404: Thomas Cantuariensis (attrib.), Vision at Sens.--Page 404: ‘Merlinus Siluester’, Prophecy.--Page 404-405: ‘Merlinus Siluester’, Prophecy.--Page 405: Prophecy about Scotland.--Page 405: [‘Hermerus’?], Prophecy.--Page 405: Prophecy about the Cock, the Boar, and the Fox.--Page 405: Prophecy about Britain--Pages 407-414: Iohannes Erghome (attrib.), Prophecies of John of Bridlington.--Page 414: Prophecy about Britain.--Page 414: Prophecy about the Boar and the Crab.--Page 414: Versus Vaticinales De Normannia De Sexto--Page 414: Prophecy of Blessed Virgin Mary to Edmund of Pontigny.--Page 414: Prophecy about Britain.DATING NOTE: (A) & (B) mid 14th century, (C) late 14th century. BINDING NOTE: Recently rebound in modern vellum.SCRIPT: (A) more than one hand, (B) more than one hand, (C) several hands.COLLATION ANALYSIS: TCD MS 172 has 15th century foliation on some pages in parts (B) and (C), and 18th century foliation in part (A).Please see the Manuscripts & Archives Research Library’s catalogue entry for the manuscript here:
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  • colored ink
  • ink
  • pencils (drawing and writing equipment)
  • vellum (parchment)
  • parchment (animal material)
  • English
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  • MS172_001
  • 0144633


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