Captain Stanley Cyril Beresford Mundey’s diary of the Great War Public Deposited

Captain Stanley Cyril Beresford Mundey’s diary of the Great War

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  • IE TCD MS 3414 ; former shelfmark: N.5.28
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  • end 1915
  • start 1914
  • IE TCD MS 3414 is a notebook of Captain Stanley Cyril Beresford Mundey, which contains an account of his experiences during the Great War, up to November 1915 and the aftermath of the Battle of Ctesiphon. Beresford-Mundey served in the Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire Light Infantry (43rd). Many folios are blank. At the end are some notes on the ‘Return of all ranks at Kut March 14th 1916’, ‘Summary of casualties at Kut 4 Dec 1915-28th April 1916’, and ‘Strength of Kut garrison as landed over to Khalil Paseta.’ --Folio 1: ‘My diary of the Great War’. Chapter I. --Folio 7: Battle of Shaiba [Chapter II?]. --Folio 19: Chapter III: The 2nd battle of Kurna: the regatta. 31st May 1915. --Folio 30: Chapter 4. Our life at Amarah. --Folio 37: Chapter 5. The Adranee on Summaiyat. --Folio 43: Chapter 6. The battle of Es-Sinn and the occupation of Kut-el-Amarah. Sept. 26th, 27th, 28th 1915. --Folio 44: Plan of attack. --Folio 55: Chapter 7: Azizieh camp. --Folio 60: Chapter 8. The Adranee to Suleiman Pak [?] Ctesiphon. --Folio 63v: fold out sketched map showing the Tigris river, bridges, various camps, and observations on the type of terrain in the area. --Folio 64: Chapter 9. The battle of Ctesiphon Nov 22nd 1915. --Folio 72: The retreat on Kut-el-Amarah.This notebook was originally accompanied by some large format material, now recorded as MS 3414a:/1-6 and removed from the volume. They are not imaged here: /1 - Complaint against the Turkish Authorities in treatment of prisoners of war at Yozgad. 3 pp.; /2 - Copy of Major [Norman] Rybot's sketch of Operations in Tigris ... 26.3.16; /3 - Sketch of Force on 28th and 29th Sept 1915; /4 - Communique to the troops from Maj. Gen. Sir Charles Townshend 26 Jan 1916. /5 - Presscutting recording Lionel Mundey MIA/6 - Ink sketch of the Fort at Kut-el-Amarah after Turkish bombardment, 24 Dec 1915. For other Beresford-Mundey accounts of the Great War see also IE TCD MS 3415 and 3416.
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  • Papers of Captain Stanley Cyril Beresford Mundey
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  • Beresford Mundey: Diaries & Notebooks
  • Presented to the Library of Trinity College Dublin by Captain Stanley Cyril Beresford Mundey, 23 July 1954.
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  • ink
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  • paper (fiber product)
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