Photograph album of Captain Stanley Cyril Beresford Mundey, 1912-18 Public Deposited

Photograph album of Captain Stanley Cyril Beresford Mundey, 1912-18

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  • Captain Mundey's photograph album, 1912-18
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  • IE TCD MS 3420 ; former shelf mark: N.5.34
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  • Copyright The Board of Trinity College Dublin. Images are available for single-use academic application only. Publication, transmission or display is prohibited without formal written approval of the Library of Trinity College, Dublin.
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Date Created
  • end 1918
  • start 1912
  • IE TCD MS 3420 is a World War I era photograph album of Captain Stanley Cyril Beresford Mundey, spanning the years 1912-18. It contains a number of images of hunting, leisure activities, military life and operations, nature, indigenous peoples etc. captured in Ceylon (Sri Lanka), Malabar, Cannanore, Poona, Bombay, Ahmednagar, Gahan, Bog-Nip, Magil, Mazerah, Kut, Basta, Abadan, amerah, Suniyat, Jaipur troops, Kurua, Shaib, Ctesiphon, Krituia, and Afion Kara Hissar. Also present are some newspaper clippings and pencil drawings. Beresford-Mundey served in the Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire Light Infantry (43rd) during the Great War.Contents:Folio 1r: Ceylon 1912 - five images without captions.Folio 1v: four images without captions.Folio 2 r: My matter lodge. 1912. Calicut. Malabar. South India; names of some individuals written below. Folio 2v: two images - Bison shot at Malappuram, S.India, 1911. 34” spread. Shot. Malapparum. 8’4” Tiger. Folio 3r: Shot. Makki. Malabar. Bison. 33 1/2 spread 350 Rigby Manser.Folio 3v: image of dead bison (no caption). Folio 4r: image of dead tiger’s head and fur (no caption). Folio 4v: Bison: shot by Leslie Mundey in Malabar. 1913. Folio 5r: image of three men and a dead bison. ‘C.B.M. Alikutty’.Folio 5v: Bungalow, Cannamore. Malabar. S. India. Four images. Folio 6r: four images. Snipe shooting Cannanore. Folio 6v: five images: C.L.M; Collie?; C.B.M and snake; Beauties!Folio 7r: Cannanore - four images - C.B.M.; Church parade; Cannanore Main street; untitled image. Folio 7v: two images - one of which is captioned ‘From the train on the way to Bombay and untitled.’ Folio 8r: Opening meet: Government House. Poona Hunt. 1914. His Ex. Lord Willingdon. Her Ex. Lady W.Folio 8v: Marook; Lismaney; Powell on ‘Tarcoola; Beaufort Hunter; Regimental Race; Ballerina. Folio 9r: Ahmednagar 1914. No captions - names written beneath images. Folio 9v: Poona Raequet Tournament - Handicap doubles: C.B Mundey and Lionel Mundey - names of individuals written below.Folio 10r: CBM on Champa; Opening heel! Rat Club; 1st Jan Parade 1914 - CBM. Names written beneath image.Folio 10v: Ahmednagar. The Edwards Helme? Wedding. Names written below.Folio 11r: Draft 43d for the Gulf; Gahan and Bag-? 1915; Draft for Gulf; Practicing for Germany; German prisoners camp; Fagan 1915 CBMFolio 11v: Mesopotamia 1914 Magil - Hants. Ter. Disembark; Date palms; Hants Ter; 5” Gun; Off loading 5” Gun.Folio 12r: Magil - Turkish stoves; Tents, Lloyd and Harvey.Folio 12v: Mazera - Viceregal escort 33rd Cavalry; Viceroy leaving; Viceregal escort 63 RFA; Pontoon; Horse Lines; Pig sticking; Viceregal escort Oxfords. Folio 13r: Loading guns; SS Blosse Lynch; Arab coolies; Bank? building Oxfords.Folio 13v: (1) Flying Head Quarters and repair barge; (6) Troops landing at Basra; (8) 2. 46 Large guns & untitled images 2,3,4,5,7 & 9.Folio 14r: A Dhon?; River View South of Kut; Abadan.Winstons Oil Field. Turks cut this pipe once. Sheik of Mohanimerahs Palace. Friendly Arab.Folio 14v: An Arab Sheik on our pontoon at Amarah; Three Chaldeans; Gadsbans? nephew. Once our friend then changed to Turk, now an outlaw; Hukin Singh Sahib commanding Imperial Transport Corps. Folio 15r: Arab thieves captured. Folio 15v: Having a dust bath! ; Camp at Suniyat; Transport at; Amarah our billet and blockhouse; Camp at Suniyat. Folio 16r: My machine gun firing; My machine gun emplacement with barrel casings to keep cool with thick felt; Wynter on my machine gun emplacement; Camp at Suniyat.Folio 16v: Pushing on to Kut-al-Amara. Taken with the relieving force. Open air service trenches can be seen in foreground.Folio 17r: Our blockhouse and billlet at Amarah. Folio 17v: 43rd Camp at Sunniyat; 43rd Camp at Sunniyat; Field ovens baking bread; Captain J.J. Powell 43rd; ? and Kearseley. 43rd. Folio 18r: Group at rounders; 43rd mess kitchen; My stable at Amarah; R field artillery in action.Folio 18v: Arab thieves caught in our lines; Arab girls, shy!; Jaipur Transport Corps; Bazaar scene Amara, cooly carrying big huge bundle; An Arab well. Folio 19r: Arab boats & water donkeys carrying skins filled. Two small newspaper article clippings pasted on to page captioned ‘Tigris move. British Offensive advance south of Kut’; ‘British nearing Bagdad’.Folio 19v: Fulton Gates Brown in Garden of Eden. Four untitled images. Folio 20r: Birch-Reynardson. Self and John Courtis. Folio 20v: Boat bridge at Amara; untitled image of males sitting at a table eating; ‘R’ Coy Self May 30. 1915; Samblin my most devoted & faithful Marhatte boy brought my kit stood through heavy fire. Folio 21r: newspaper clippings and a photograph of an airplane.Folio 21v: Same page, different view of newspaper clippings.Folio 22r: During the Siege of Kut-el Amarah. 1916 April. Eight untitled images. One image entitled ‘Winnie’(?) Smith. Also a newspaper clipping entitled Kut Prisoners’ Whereabouts.Folio 22v: Kurna 1914/15. Landing Stage; Rolat Canal; Kurna Gate; Viceroy on ‘Lawrence; Hot building; Viceroy at Church; Viceroy & Gem Barret.Folio 23r: The Advance - Operations at Shaiba 1915. Kurna: Base; Kurna Base; Turk Prisoner; Kurna Fort; Five untitled images. Folio 23v: The Advance to Shaiba - seven images, five untitled and Shaiba Fort; Wounded Turk.Folio 24r: Scenes at Lajj on Tigris prior to Battle of Ctesiphon Nov 1915. Nine images, of which two are captioned: Capt. Corbett, 48th Pioneers, attel. (?) R.F.C.; Capt. Martin R.F.A. Folio 24v: thirteen images, four of which are captioned - Leslie Mundey; M.C. France 1915; Capt. Cyril Beresford Mundey during siege of Kut, 1916; Lt. Lionel Mundey, Royal Fusilers killed Krituia June 4 1915. Folio 25r: seven images of which three are captioned - Maj. Barber dressing station. Siege of Kut; Siege of Kut prisoners.Folio 25v: Aeroplane photos taken by Capt. C. Mundey (with “Brownie 2A); The retreat from Ctesiphon Nov. 1915. Folio 26r: four images without captions and a newspaper article clipping. Folio 26v: eight images of which three are captioned: Capt. Mundey Capt. White; C.B. Mundey on release; Afion Kara Hissar our prison camp. Some images are faded. Folio 27r - 12 images of which 9 are titled: Col. Maule Gen Townshend; Capt. Brickman 119 Indian Infantry; Siege if Kut el Amrarah Dec 4 1915 to April 28 1916; Lt. Webber Duke of Cornwalls ?; Lt. Cane R.A.M.C; Lt. Brockman Indian Cav.; Maj. Sayers; Capt. Brice. Folio 27v: three sketches, title: Yosgad, Turkey. Folio 28r: Xmas 1915 Kut-el-Amarah Menu and Wine List; with signatures and drawings. Folio 28v: sketch of The Lane, Yozgad and a menu from Lodge of Instruction “Cappadocia”.Folio 29r: sketch titled ‘Yozgad, Prisoner of War 1916 Capt. Beresford Mundey’.Folio 29v: sketch titled ‘From my winter as prisoner of war 1916, Yozgad S.C. Beresford Mundey’. Folio 30r: sketch titled ‘Over the hockey ground to the Hospital House’. Folio 30v: sketch titled ‘Yozgad looking West’.For other Beresford-Mundey photographs see also: IE TCD MS 3421.
Collection title
  • Papers of Captain Stanley Cyril Beresford Mundey
Series title
  • Beresford Mundey: Diaries & Notebooks
  • Presented to the Library of Trinity College Dublin by Captain Stanley Cyril Beresford Mundey, 23 July 1954.
  • pencil
  • ink
  • paper (fiber product)
  • leather
  • photographic paper
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  • MS3420_01
  • DCAT0120554


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