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    J38608444?file=thumbnailInquest on Thos. Ashe. The verdict of the jury

    Abstract: ‘Inquest on Thos. Ashe. The verdict of the jury’.Dated from Thomas Ashe's date of death: September 25th, 1917. Contents: 1 sheet, printed on one side only. Extracts from the verdict of the jury, detail...

    Schlüsselwörter: Unassigned

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    2514nn15w?file=thumbnailDraft report of Committee on Art

    Abstract: Submitted by Mr. J. Golden. Dated from accompanying circular letter, see OLS Samuels box 3 no.92.Printer, Browne & Nolan, identified from last title in series, OLS Samuels box 3 no.105. Contents: One l...

    Schlüsselwörter: Unassigned

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    7w62f9728?file=thumbnailGod save Ireland

    Abstract: By “A plain Irishman”. At head of title: Ireland, St. Patrick's Day, 1923. Printed: London: The County Printers.Contents: Leaflet claiming that the nationalist movement in Ireland is in fact a Bolshev...

    Schlüsselwörter: Bolshevism

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    Z316q318s?file=thumbnailCommission on Secondary Education: appendix to draft report on Science

    Abstract: For Draft report on science, see OLS Samuels box 3 no.99.Dated from accompanying circular letter, see OLS Samuels box 3 no.92.Printer, Browne & Nolan, identified from last title in series, OLS Samuels ...

    Schlüsselwörter: Unassigned

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    0c483m07f?file=thumbnailLast address of Thomas MacDonagh

    Abstract: Contents: 'The sentence of the Court Martial having been conveyed to Thomas MacDonagh, he requested permission to thank the Court in person for their courtesy, and addressed them as follows ...'Illustr...

    Schlüsselwörter: Unassigned

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    Gm80hw81q?file=thumbnailIssue of £250,000 : 5% registered certificates trustees: Most Rev. Dr. Fogarty (Lord Bishop of Killaloe). Arthur Griffith, T.D. (for Éamon de Valera, T.D.). James O'Mara, T.D. ...

    Abstract: Contents: Advertisement for government bond certificates, sold in 1919 to help finance the establishment of the Irish Republic (including national civil service and national arbitration courts, a land ...

    Schlüsselwörter: Fogarty, Michael, Bishop of Killaloe, 1859-1955

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    Abstract: Date approximated from context within Samuels Collection. Contents: One sheet of duplicated typescript, with English translation of Genesis, chapter V. At foot of page: 'Copy this out accurately four t...

    Schlüsselwörter: Unassigned

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    9c67wp57d?file=thumbnailThe revolt: wrong military, politically & socially say Irregular officers

    Abstract: Authors: Signed and introduced by H. Burke, co-signed by Peter McHugh, and Comdts. Kearns and Craughwell (Officers of the irregulars forces).Contents: Reprint of letter from four imprisoned officers of...

    Schlüsselwörter: Unassigned

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    9880vs410?file=thumbnailYour duty to the truth & to Ireland ...

    Abstract: Author: '... a body of Irishwomen, organised for the service of Ireland, and working through communitites and branches in the cities and towns, and in centres all over the country, venture to address y...

    Schlüsselwörter: Unassigned