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    08612x97b?file=thumbnailD.U.B.C. Senior VIII, 1904. IE TCD MUN CLUB BOAT/Photographs/10/66

    Abstract: IE TCD MUN CLUB BOAT/Photographs/10/66: D.U.B.C. Senior VIII, 1904. Wins: Drogheda, University, Coleraine, Derry, Cork, New Ross. Crew: T.W. FRANKS (BOW), T.D. SCOTT (2), J.C. BAKER (3), M.P. LEAHY (CA...

    Keywords: Fox, W. F., active 1903, Towers, W. G., active 1904, Emerson, H. A., active 1900, Julian, E. L., active 1899, Baker, J. C., active 1904, Franks, T. W., active 1900, Leahy, M. P., active 1902, Usher, Frank J., active 1900-1912, Langrishe, J. du Plessis, active 1902, Scott, T. D., active 1903

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    Jw827n75n?file=thumbnailD.U.B.C. Junior VIII, 1899. IE TCD MUN CLUB BOAT/Photographs/10/54

    Abstract: IE TCD MUN CLUB BOAT/Photographs/10/54: D.U.B.C. Junior VIII, 1899. Visitors' Challenge Cup. Boyne. New Ross. Crew: E.J. FRENCH (BOW), L. BRETT (2), J.R. WELLAND (3), O.B. DALY (4), J.C. RIDGWAY (5), R...

    Keywords: Daly, O. B., active 1899, Brett, L., active 1899, French, E. J., active 1897, Leland, F. W., active 1899, Kelly, R., active 1899, Welland, J. R., active 1899, Ridgway, J. C., active 1899, Ryan, H. S. (Hardinge Stanley), active 1899, Monaghan, A. E., active 1898

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    Jw827n74c?file=thumbnailRobert B. Cathrew of D.U.R.C., c1890. IE TCD MUN CLUB BOAT/Photographs/10/96

    Abstract: IE TCD MUN CLUB BOAT/Photographs/10/96: Robert B. Cathrew of D.U.R.C., around 1890. Cathrew is also pictured in the bow seat of the D.U.R.C. eight on the Dodder 1866; see IE TCD MUN CLUB BOAT/Photograp...

    Keywords: Dublin University Rowing Club--History, Cathrew, Robert B., active 1866, Dublin University Rowing Club

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    Wd376563b?file=thumbnailD.U.B.C. group photograph, 1909. IE TCD MUN CLUB BOAT/Photographs/10/105

    Abstract: IE TCD MUN CLUB BOAT/Photographs/10/105: D.U.B.C. group photograph, 1909. Alec Godfrey Crichton (Captain 1909) centre front....

    Keywords: Crichton, A. G. (Alec Godfrey), active 1908

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    Sq87c340h?file=thumbnailD.U.B.C. clubhouse and grandstand, c1900. IE TCD MUN CLUB BOAT/Photographs/10/95

    Abstract: IE TCD MUN CLUB BOAT/Photographs/10/95: Trinity Regatta around 1900; a view of the grandstand. D.U.B.C. boathouse is to the left. Three ferryboats in view....

    Keywords: Unassigned

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    5425km506?file=thumbnailD.U.B.C. Junior IV, 1897. IE TCD MUN CLUB BOAT/Photographs/10/49

    Abstract: IE TCD MUN CLUB BOAT/Photographs/10/49: D.U.B.C. Junior IV, 1897. Carrick-on-Shannon Regatta. Crew: E.J. FRENCH (BOW), A. McCANN (2), M. FITZGIBBON (3), H.P. McCREDY (STROKE), B. THOMPSON (COX)...

    Keywords: McCann, A., active 1897, McCredy, H. P., active 1897, French, E. J., active 1897, Dublin University Boat Club (1847-1898), Dublin University Boat Club (1847-1898)--History, Thompson, B., active 1897

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    D504rv37x?file=thumbnailD.U.R.C. 1st Senior IV, 1895. IE TCD MUN CLUB BOAT/Photographs/10/43

    Abstract: IE TCD MUN CLUB BOAT/Photographs/10/43: D.U.R.C. 1st Senior IV, 1895. Carrick-on-Shannon Challenge Cup. Crew: H.C. BARKER (BOW), J.S. HEANEY (2), W.H.P. McNEIGHT (3), H. MARTIN (STROKE), J.W. DOHERTY (...

    Keywords: Dublin University Rowing Club--History, Martin, H., active 1894, Dublin University Rowing Club, Heaney, J. S., active 1895, Barker, H. C., active 1894, Doherty, J. W., active 1893, McNeight, W. H. P., active 1893

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    9k41zq01g?file=thumbnailD.U.R.C. Senior VIII, 1892. IE TCD MUN CLUB BOAT/Photographs/10/36

    Abstract: IE TCD MUN CLUB BOAT/Photographs/10/36: D.U.R.C. Senior VIII, 1892. Unnamed crew....

    Keywords: Dublin University Rowing Club--History, Dublin University Rowing Club

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    Dj52wf13j?file=thumbnailD.U.R.C. VIII, 1884. IE TCD MUN CLUB BOAT/Photographs/10/22

    Abstract: IE TCD MUN CLUB BOAT/Photographs/10/22: D.U.R.C. VIII winners of the Pembroke Cup, 1884. Crew: A. GREENE (BOW), J.S. BERNARD (2), C. HIGGINBOTHAM (3), H.M. WRIGHT (4), T.H. KEOUGH (5), W. HALLARAN (6),...

    Keywords: Dublin University Rowing Club--History, Bernard, J. S., active 1884, Keough, T. H., active 1884, Wright, H. M., active 1884, Dublin University Rowing Club, Higginbotham, C., active 1884, Hallaran, W., active 1884, Greene, A., active 1884, Gamble, R. K., active 1884, Crawford, H. C., active 1884, Millar, R., active 1884

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    0r967d131?file=thumbnailD.U.B.C. 1st Senior IV, 1882. IE TCD MUN CLUB BOAT/Photographs/10/21

    Abstract: IE TCD MUN CLUB BOAT/Photographs/10/21: D.U.B.C. 1st Senior IV, 1882. Crew: C. GLOSTER (BOW), C. GARNER (2), R. NUNN (3), J.C. BRUCE (STROKE), R.R. MANNING (COX)...

    Keywords: Manning, R. R., active 1881, Nunn, R., active 1881, Dublin University Boat Club (1847-1898)--History, Bruce, J. C., active 1881, Garner, C., active 1881, Dublin University Boat Club (1847-1898), Gloster, C., active 1881