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    St74cx473?file=thumbnailThe Google Book

    Abstract: The Google Book, written and illustrated by V.C.V. [Vincent Cartwright Vickers (1879-1939)]. Contains colour engravings and humorous verses of and about numerous imaginary birds. The ‘Google’ itself is...

    Keywords: Imaginary birds--Pictorial works, Imaginary birds--Juvenile poetry

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    P2677296v?file=thumbnailNavigational drawings

    Abstract: IE TCD MS 3559 is a collection of 87 pencil drawings washed in colour of headlands and bays of America, the West Indies, Tenerife etc., with Dutch titles; they appear to be the work of a single artist,...

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    K3569b453?file=thumbnailVirgilian suite for orchestra (ballet)

    Abstract: IE TCD MSS 4075-4076a is Virgilian suite for orchestra (ballet), composed by Ina Boyle. Digitised to date are IE TCD MS 4076 (music sketches, in wrappers), and IE TCD MS 4076a (her drawings for the bal...

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    Vm40xz83q?file=thumbnailFamous imposters

    Abstract: IE TCD MS 6168 is Bram Stoker’s Famous Imposters; an autograph manuscript, written and dated February-July 1910, with an unpublished preface dated 18 August 1910. CONTENTS: --Preface to Famous Imposter...

    Keywords: Unassigned

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    4x51hr21j?file=thumbnailThe wandering Jew

    Abstract: IE TCD MS 11603 is an autograph manuscript of section III 'Famous Imposters' by Bram Stoker (1910), the chapter on ‘The Wandering Jew’. Written on one side of the paper only, with interleaves. It is no...

    Keywords: Unassigned

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    4x51hr21j?file=thumbnailBram Stoker's Famous Imposters

    Abstract: Bram Stoker's 'Famous imposters'. The physical appearance of IE TCD MS 11603, 'The wandering Jew' manuscript, confirms that it was once part of IE TCD MS 6168, 'Famous Imposters'; both manuscripts have...

    Keywords: Unassigned

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    Cn69mb427?file=thumbnailLetter from Catherine (Kate) D’Alton, Clonmore, 4th August, 1824 to John D’Alton

    Abstract: The correspondence of John and Catherine D'Alton is a collection of personal correspondence of some 275 letters sent between John and his wife Catherine from 1818 to 1853. John D’Alton was educated at ...

    Keywords: D’Alton, Catherine (Kate), approximately 1795-1859--Correspondence

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    6q182s36b?file=thumbnailFive sacred folksongs of Sicily

    Abstract: IE TCD MS 4132/5 comprises musical compositions by Ina Boyle: five sacred folksongs of Sicily, with words translated into English by Grace Warnock, Set to music for voice and piano. Foliated: 43-52. Da...

    Keywords: Voice music

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    Kd17d1054?file=thumbnailEaster snow

    Abstract: IE TCD MS 4132/8 is a musical composition by Ina Boyle, Easter snow, with words by Winifred Mary Letts. Foliated: 58-59. Dated 1940. MS note on folio 58r: 'Words written to the tune 'Easter Snow' in Mi...

    Keywords: Voice music

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    Abstract: IE TCD MS 4132/6 is a musical composition by Ina Boyle, Dust, an epigram for voice and pianoforte, with words by Viola Meynell. Foliated: 53-54. Dated August 3rd 1933. https://manuscripts.catalogue.tcd...

    Keywords: Voice music