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    Kh04dv02z?file=thumbnailSeumas O'Sullivan miscellanea

    Abstract: This Seumas O’Sullivan miscellanea consists of manuscript extracts from Thomas Crofton Croker’s 'Legends of the lakes or sayings and doings at Killarney', London 1829 illustrated with pen drawings - so...

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    41687n36f?file=thumbnailIrish grammar as printed in Archaeologia, with notes relating to Irish pronunciation and orthography

    Abstract: IE TCD MS 1392/6 is a manuscript of the Irish Grammar printed in the Archaeologia (imperfect). Also 4 pp. of Notes relating to Irish pronunciation and orthography, written by Edw. Lhuyd. 11 fols [fols ...

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    Gm80j009s?file=thumbnailFragment of a comparative vocabulary of Latin, Welsh, Cornish and Amoric

    Abstract: IE TCD MS 1392/3 is a fragment of a comparative vocabulary of Latin, Welsh, Cornish, and Armoric, from Ob to the end of the alphabet. This is much less full than the comparative vocabulary in the Archc...

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    3x816r62h?file=thumbnailIrish-English dictionary: sheets L M N O P T Z, Aa to Ee

    Abstract: IE TCD MS 1392/8 is part of the printed text of Edward Lhuyd's Irish-English Dictionary, containing sheets L M N O P T Z, Aa to Ee, with copious MS notes and additions by O’Flaherty author of ‘Ogygia,’...

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    S1784r09d?file=thumbnailIrish-English dictionary: preface

    Abstract: IE TCD MS 1392/7 is a manuscript containing various fragments of the Irish Preface to Edward Lhuyd's Irish-English Dictionary, Archaeologia, pp. 310 sqq. 23 fols....

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    41687n36f?file=thumbnailEdward Lhuyd's Papers

    Abstract: IE TCD MS 1392 is part of the manuscript collection belonging to the Welsh antiquary Edward Lhuyd / Edward Lhwyd (1660-1709). It contains material in Latin, Irish, Welsh, Cornish, Armoric, French, and ...

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    9z903306z?file=thumbnailDeath of Fionavar from The triumph of Maeve

    Abstract: The death of Fionavar, from The triumph of Maeve, by Eva Gore-Booth; decorated by Constance Gore-Booth (Countess Markievicz). Published in London by Erskine Macdonald, 1916. The final 4 leaves are adve...

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    Jq085p755?file=thumbnailCandle and crib

    Abstract: Candle and crib, by K.F. Purdon. Colour illustrations by Beatrice Elvery. Printed by R. & R. Clark, Limited, Edinburgh.Contents:Plate 1v: A soon as he was gone, didn’t the woman throw down her knitting...

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    1j92gb811?file=thumbnailTootleoo two

    Abstract: Tootleoo two, by Bernard Darwin and Elinor Darwin. Illustrated throughout with full page colour illustrations. [1927]....

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